VK Team Himitsu @ YOUTH09 and MORE!!

  Once again, Team Himitsu appeared in a (quite big) event last Saturday. If you were at YOUTH09 on Saturday, you would have seen us ? I hope those who took our picture would be kind enough to send us the pictures, if you do have them, please kindly send them to teamhimitsu@gmail.com . Thanks a lot *hugs.

Don’t want to talk about what happened before that and all, just will list out who from our team went to the event and seriously telling you, most of the CF forumers went and said this was the worst event, but to us, it was our best, cos we took lots of kuso pictures. LOL… There are a lot of cameras, so I will put up the link once others pass theirs to me.

VK Team Himitsu @ YOUTH09

Yuuki Kurosu : ryukku
Zero Kiriyu : wednesday raven
Ichijou Takuma : cappy phreakyfish
Aidou Hanabusa : waninoko
Akatsuki Kain : rayray0211
Shiki Senri : potter87
Rima Touya : Arisa-Chan

Was kinda sad cos not the full team can go to the event but at least half made it, and we captured what we can to share with the rest of our team members, we are currently recruiting the rest of the empty slots in the team for our coming photo shoot. So… I guess if we fully take all the members up, should be 20 in total ?
LOL, so many of us eh ? Anyway, here’s the picures promised before this,

here you go ::

Shiki helping Rima to fix her ribbon, did not expect this to be captured as her ribbon really did came off, thanks wani for taking this, I totally love this picture a lot.


Yuuri and Zero went camping XD

Night class students

Resting under the tent 😀

Rido has awaken and now he is grabbing whoever he sees and starts sucking their blood.
Hmm… here’s a pretty GIRL ^_____^  *sniff sniff

That’s all that I got from 2 other friends, there are more coming. Will share the links once I get hold of all the pictures. . . . stay tuned ^^


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