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 5th January 2009   100_8980
Woke up around 9am today, got all my stuffs packed and ready to leave back to hometown.
Was planning to get to Pudu to help CC buy his bus ticket back to KEDAH,
but ended up dragging and delaying time. It’s not the same place where I am going to go back,
I mean that the place buying ticket for him is in PUDU, but I’m taking the train back,
which is in KL Central, so it wasn’t the route that I am going to go, but I told him
I’ll help him get ticket, since CNY is just around the corner, it’s hard to get ticket during that season.
And you know what, I delayed and took my sweet time.
Schedule for today’s train are as follows, 5.30am, 9.00am, 1.00pm, 5.30pm, and 9.45pm.
I missed the 9am one, of course I wouldn’t want to miss the 1pm one as
I wouldn’t want to wail till 5.30 for the next one?
It’s my first time taking the train after it was launched around… early December.
SO, sorry to say that, I didn’t help CC buy his bus ticket. Awh…
I asked NEO to help me get instead. So I took a cab, as there wasn’t any bus after
I’ve wait for 30 minutes and time is running out. It’s 12.20pm already. OMG!!.
Hoped into a taxi and headed to Central.
Cost me RM16. Ugh… nvm lar, once in a while only I take cab. 😛


Reached central around 12.50pm, went to the counter and grabbed the ticket, they have the economy seat which costs RM10 (seats were kind of tight) and it’s almost full,
so I’ve decided to pay a little extra to try out their business class ?
LOL. Cost me RM18. Oh well, it’s more spacious and that compartment has only 5 people,
including me. With big plasma TV, showing speedy gon zales ?
LMAO and also all those tweety, those old time cartoon. I was bored in the train so
I took a lot of pictures and camwhored :D.
Lucky I took Mickey along (a special gift from Bunny, a very close friend of mine who went overseas)
I was bored until I camwhored MICKEY instead. LOLz…


Was really nice experience after so many years since I last took a train. Last time was
RM40 if not mistaken, and it’s very uneasy sitting in the train. Maybe due to the crowded people and
the cheap seats we got XD. Oh well, next time traveling will be more convenient for me since central is
just near and the tickets are cheaper. Ngahahaha…. And the train stops in other station as well.

Here are some pictures that I took 😀


I couldn’t online at home as there isn’t any connection/line so I can’t check the forums and also the DGM blog,
I wonder how’s everyone doing? Wonder Kits, xienny and the others will flood up the blog? LOL…
I kind of start loving this family. Seriously, I enjoy chatting with everyone in there, I hope their
Grandma and Grandpa (dark & firera) will help take care of them. Hahahahaha….
Will probably drop by in the cyber café to check out the blog later on. And also get this
posted in my blog.


6th Januray 2009

Was waken up by a phone call, I don’t know who the hell call up early in the morning,
but I did not went out to pick up the phone. When I was dragged up by the noise,
the stupid phone stopped ringing. YES! I’m wide awake. . . . . .


Well, took a shower and went downstairs, wanted to try weather the neighbor on their wireless,
but the hope was faded, they are not at home. zZZzz…. My life is so bored without the internet,
wonder how the rest are doing there ? I can’t online, what can I do? NOTHING. I’m actually
writing in wordpad, going to blog it on later when I go CC. Well, mum was busy cleaning
this and that while I waited for dad to wake up. Then we went out for breakfast and then headed

to the train station to purchase my train ticket, I’m going back on Thursday. Well, and also bought 3 tickets on
21st back with my brother and sis-in-law including my niece. If I don’t buy now, later on,
we’ll be DEAD. I don’t want to take the bus home this time. Train is more better, not much people,
environment better, and station is nearer to my house 😀

So… after that we headed home and I drove out with mom, went shopping for sweets and rocky
and lots n lots of Apollo biscuits and also layer cakes for CNY. Then dropped mom to pick
up her Mercedes, sent for service. We don’t want to fight with the rest of the people the
week before CNY LOL… So now everyone’s car is HEALTHY!!

Then I drove myself home, and mom took out the stuffs. All the ting a long long TANG LONG(s).
Spent the rest our afternoon decorating, cos if I don’t help them put it up now, no one will be
home to help them hand those stuff up until I return on the 21st? Now the whole house is

Tomorrow will be dropping by at school to pick up VK costume from Lizzie to borrow it to
Arisa for this Saturday’s outing to YOUGH09. Sadly, our Kaname, Zero, Toga, Aidou-senpai, my
RIMA (T__T) and also Class President couldn’t make it, but anyway, Arisa will be replacing
Ryuujin to be my RIMA. Wee~ I won’t be alone. Me wants POCKY!! Well, at least it’s better
than her doing Shizuka again? I bet she got a lot of blue black from CF, cos she got
STEPPED. Ahahahahaha…

Anyway, Although half our team couldn’t make it, but our team spirit will always be there.

Those who will be going are ::

Yuki, Headmaster Cross, Akatsuki Kain, Shiki, Rima, Ichijou are going, Hikari is not sure yet,
if she is going, then we’ll have a Seiren~ (can say Half team going only~)

Well, I’ve got my pass, so does the others, so we’ll be updating again soon? Will be having a
gathering with my family (D.GAY-MAN FAMILY) this Friday, to celebrate Grandpa’s
(firera) Birthday. Yay~ Planning to go Ice-scating. But I’ve never skated before.
Hope I don’t drop and fall. Will update again soon~


8 thoughts on “back to IPOH

  1. :3 I has dropped onto here~~ Very slow load la your blog. I kena wait 2 minutes before it finish loading XD
    Wa lau wei…miss us so fast kah? *is touched* …Or just worried that we’d get lost without…MUMMY? *snicker*
    *wishes that went Youth09…looks fun. But, then again, my Moyashi never go also…so…*shrug* XD *

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