Happy New Year 2009~

New year, new Layout, new new new new new everything. More events, more updates!!
LOL… Just signed up and got my free pass to YOUTH09.
Check this out šŸ˜€

Well, here’s an update on what happened on the 30th D gray man photo shoot.
Don’t wanna talk about the whole event, just share you some pictures ok.

Here is Allenisya as Allen Walker and AutumnKitsune as Yu Kanda
Above :: Allenisya as Allen Walker and Dark as Lou Fa (very lovely eh?)

me as Bak-chan with Fantasy as Lenalee

Fantasy as Young Lenalee

Ceres as older Lenalee (as in teenage version)
We have 2 lenalee if you notice šŸ™‚

I’m still editing some pictures, sorry for all the delay, recently a lot of photo shoots.
LOL… Here are the pictures for Team Himitsu. Our VK team 

Thanks everyone for sending me the pictures, this picture is taken by Elan.
Thanks a lot for the wonderful pictures. We know we did not appear much,
as we were practicing for our performance and also having our personal photo shoot.
I’m now working with Ryukku on doing our team’s Avatar and also Signature.
Will upload it once it’s done.

 Rima stuffing Shiki with Pocky. Ngahahaha… I look fair people say, no no, it’s photoshop,
 due to the flash, and also the red mode, I toned it brighter. More Vampire-ish feel eh?

Because the hall is kinda dark, so the picture taken wasn’t really bright.
Need to adjust a lot. Credits to Ice-cream for borrowing my Rima the umbrella~

And finally a picture of my cos Lambo during the KHR Varia Arc photo shoot.  

Here are the links to other photographer’s thread regarding KHR shoot.
Enjoy the picrtures~

Cappy’s DeviantArt
TsubasaFan’s Photobucket
Imarr’s Flickr
iceman’s flickr
Hitokiri’s Photobucket
Ice-cream’s Flickr

more comign soon~


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