Report on Comic Fiesta 2008

  Yup, it’s 3 days past CF already. So fast it ended. . . .
It’s been a long time since I last write a long report. So for this time, after few blogs past, I am going to report the whole event

Well, It’s been months and months since I’ve joined in the committee. Working under Koori (my Boss) in Human Resource Department was fun and of course, the experience gained are priceless. Working with the team made me realized what “we”, a bunch of teenagers can do if we work together. For your information, CF is brought up by a bunch of “teenagers” Well, not too teenage, or can I say aged between 18 to 26 ? It was really great to see the results at the end of the day after Comic Fiesta Day 2. All our hard work have been paid back. Well, sorry I sounded weird, but this time is my first time working in such a big event. Okay, don’t mind me.

Back to our topic. 

Friday :: 19th December 2008
KHR Photoshoot (Varia VS Vongolia)

Hito opened a thread and gathered people for this shoot, the scene where Varia fought against Vongolia to gain the rings. It was fun throughout the shoot, but sadly, our Jyuudaime was kinda bored coz Xanxus couldn’t make it. Well, here are some photos on the shoot.

Let me list out the cosplayers and list ok~

Vongola Guardians
Tsuna – siberian blaze
Gokudera – syn
Hibari – tsubasafan
Mukuro – bunbunz
Chrome – Ice cream
Ryohei – CC
Yamamoto – 9gems
Lambo (10 yrs later) – Potter87

Squallo – hitokiri_sien
Marmon – tamz

– Riko
– cappy phreakyfish
– Shadowdorumon aka MY MARMON….XD
– doublelynn aka my EX SIFU
– kathtan11
– Ryuujin
– Waninoko
– amirulaqbar
– iceman

Here’s a sneak preview of the photoshoot, currently still waiting for other photographers to finish edit and upload the photos. Will put in the link once it’s done. (patience please~)

A camwhore picture of Ryohei (CC) and me (TYL lambo) Ngehehehe…

I did not went to help out on the set up on Friday because the photoshoot was so tiring, and I actually collapsed on bed for few hours and I woke up to finish up my props making for other day cos. Sorry team

Saturday :: 20th December 2008
Woke up at 6.30, changed into half costume of mine which was Bak-chan’s Leather outfit, and set off to the Hall. Reached there around 7.05am and waited for Volunteers to arrive. After briefing everyone and settled them into stations, I sat at the entrance table and got myself fully dressed. I did not walk around much as I don’t fell quite well. I sat there most of time and helped out with the checking of props. Some forumers came and collected their lens, and yay~ I met Fantasy (cosplaying as Leena-lee) and suprisingly, she grabbed me and took few pictures.

This is Leena-lee & Bak πŸ˜€

And also with Kagami (cosplayed as SHIKI – woot! Kakkoooiii) <– I have not get the picture from her yet. . . .

Was kinda tired day, didn’t do much just stuck around the entrance, so nothing much to report.
CLOSE topic for DAY 1.

Sunday :: 21st December 2008
Woke up a little bit late, as I spent the night before finishing props for our secret group cosplay for Day 2. Ngahahahaha… and was late to the hall as well. Thanks Marcus for helping me take over.
As I’ve spent most of my day 1 working out, I apologized to Koori and Marcus taht I will not stay around much on Day 2 as I have photoshoot with my group and thanks to SHIRO for being our photographer.~ Still waiting for him to edit and clear up the pictures. So I only have 1 right now.

DAY 2 was a big surprise to a lot of my friends, yup yup. We appeared as a Vampire Knight Group. Can consider as FULL ?

Here are the list of cosplayers in our team.

Day Class Students

Yuuki Kurosu : Ryukku
Zero Kiriyu (night class uniform) : Dreamer
Class President : Vicky Chin

Night Class Students

Kaname Kuran : Synjie
Ichijou Takuma : cappy phreakyfish
Aidou Hanabusa : waninoko
Kain Akatsuki : rayray0211
Shiki Senri : potter87
Rima Touya : Ryuujin
Ruka Souen : Lizzie03
Seiren : Hikari25

Maria Kurenai : Karie
Headmaster Kaien Kurosu : Wednesday Raven
Toga Yagari : Firera
Shizuka Hiou (Kimono) : Arisa-chan

wow wow… look at the list πŸ˜€ Can say FULL team ? Well, can only upload the group photo after I get the files from our photographer. All the night class students wore red contacts and we had a performance on stage, but sadly, something occured and we were not given mic. People who didn’t know about it thought we were lip synchronizing on stage. We practised for 1 month for the song T___T. Anyway, here’s a video of it. Thank you for uploading.

Here’s a picture on what I cosplayed on day 2.

Ryujjin as my Rima, and me as Shiki from Vampire Knight.
Still gathering picture from other photographers, please Stay tuned ~
thanks for visiting. Do feel free to drop a comment or spam in the cbox.


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