GENTING trip 2008

BEWARE!!! Photo HEAVY Post

Last Saturday, 13 people went for genting trip. I don’t know why today I feel very ill, and moody, since haven’t update this blog, so just write something out ba. 😀

Lazy to blog today, so I will put pictures as usual plus captions. Sorry friends.

Everyone who went 😀
From MIA (clockwise) :: ZQ, CC, Sok Ying, Kai Keat, Cynco, Danson, Jothan, Boon Chee, Nelson, Sam, Daniel, Kian Ming, William.

oh yeah, we met a band when we were in Genting. This band is from China. Have you heard of  it ?
Name is F.U.R. : Fuck Under Rain 😀 Although their singing ok ok nia~ but quite alot of supporters.

Started our journey meeting up at Kelana Jaya LRT station. Here’s Daniel, ZQ, William and Boon boon 😀

Then we have Jothan, then (unkwon nenek), Nelson and Kai keat.

Sok ying met up with us at Taman Jaya, and then beside sok ying is cynco.

Then you can see dandan sleeping. hahahaha…. beside me is CC, sorry I didn snap a picture of you.

This is KM and samDaiKor company collaberating together for the first time. Sign contract at Genting. LOL…

This pose is Sok Ying’s pose. Now become famous liao 😀
Yey ~ =.=||

Sejuk ke scary ? Ngahahahaha

Kencing pose 😛

Group picture before going back ~

Random pose~

Act cool and cold 😀

Bath 55 gang with an unkwon auntie

Batch 58 gang~

Ms and Mr Hong Kong 2008 ~

Haha… this one very funny posing from everyone. People who pass by also laugh. But then, we really had a lot of fun. This 1 day trip was really memorable.

More photos are in Facebook~ so you can have a look there if you want.
I’ve been busy preparing for CF. So… mostly my next post will be after CF.

Grab your friends along and have a look yeah, this year’s Comic Fiesta will be held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre~

Date : 20th and 21st December 2008
Time : 11 am to 7pm
Ticket price : RM15 per day

For Anime, Comic, Game, Cosplay fans, drop by to this once yearly event, and the largest happening event in Malaysia. Ngahahaha… matane~
See you there~


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