ACF zero 2 2008

Nothing much to talk about, let’s have some photo sharing as usual 🙂

Went to Times Square with monorial on Day 1 alone, and met up with Narukids and got myself changed to Draco Malfoy. Ngahahaha… Here are some photos…

Photos are grabbed from 9gems, uepu and lowiesclw.

Allen (Allenisya) + me

Kids, Allenisya + me

What am I thinking ?

Dueling in public (muggle world)

Oh yeah, TV3 came for a shot so make sure you watch REMAJA on the 30th November, 7pm.
I’ll be in ^^

Had a fight with Allen Walker

Emo-ing waiting for my FOOD to come… HUNGRY~


                                                                             Sawah hat parody XD~
Kids, me (with big CHEST) and Uepu


On day 2, I cos as Zero Kiryuu again 😀 This time with a different Yuuki (the ganas one)
hahaha… here are the photos~

kogarasumaru , Kagami, Rayray0211, me + waninoko

Thanks Iceman for the wonderful picture.

So far I did not get much of our photos for day 2, still strolling around. Will put them up once I get my hands on them.

Awhh.. yeah, I edited a picture of Kagami who did a great job on cosing Mukuro from KHR.
here it is ::

Purposely did it with this blue-ish feel. What do you think ?


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