Harry Potter and the Cursed Castle of Kellie

The Harry Potter group went to Batu Gajah, Perak and had our first Photo Shoot  on the 8th November 2008.

Well, let me tell you from the very start, as it’s been such a long time since I last blogged and write. I’ve been busy recently, busy with work, since I’ve graduated, well, next step is work of course.

Friday morning 7th November 2008
Woke up around 8am, packed and make sure I packed everything and set off to Puduraya to meet up with Waninoko. Reached around 9 or 10 ? I forgot. So we headed into Petaling Street to feed out stomach.
After that, wani said she wanna buy some muachi, so we went to the famous muachi stall. Ahahaha… me no take pics, sorry. Else I would have showed you the awesome looking colorful delicious muachi.

Well, nothing much, so we headed to pudu terminal as our bus is at 11am. Reached Ipoh around 1.30pm where mum came and picked us up. Went for lunch, settle down at home, then set off to Salloon to get my hair cut šŸ˜€

This is my current look šŸ˜€

Haha… shaved the side. FINALLY!!!
Well, after the haircut, I drove wani to Oldtown to grab some stuff from the shops there. Bought 2 boxes of ROCKY and a box of Nips with a big packet of Twisties for the gang~
Well, I guess nothing much after that, we went home for a rest and set off for dinner. At first wanted to take her to Pasar Malam , but it rained suddenly, so we met up with Cikgu at the Food Court opposite Wooly. We ate and had quite a long chat. Then we set off to Cikgu’s house to have a look on his bazooka(s). It was quite late after that, mum was calling and calling, so we went home after that.

Saturday, 8th November 2008
Woke up around 8.30am, bathe and set off to RPS. Owh… not for Taekwondo class this time, went to submit Twin’s forms for senior up grading on the 29th November. Settled the payment and everything. And had a little chat with lizzie and Syarifah, then we set of too “BIG TREE LEG” for breakfast around 11am where we meet up with Cikgu and Sally. Had porridge and some fried stuff. We talked and waited for the rest to reach from KL.

We set off to Medan Gopeng around 12.40pm and met up with the others around 1? Everything didn’t really go on as planned at the first place as the rest only started putting on their make-up only when they arrived. Oh well, so we waited and set off together. 4 cars in total. Due to some dragging and waiting, we were late, but we managed to reach there around 1.30pm.

There, we met Kevin, another photographer friend of Cikgu. Went and made our entry payment and started our shoot šŸ˜€ Shoot here and there, and this and that, overall, was a tiring but fun experience. A lot of tourist came and asked for picture and also a very funny thing happened halfway, where 2 buses of primary school students asked for Autograph. LOL… I told them we were only cosplaying, they still wanted ouor autographs. Oh well, first time, someone asked for my signature. Somehow I felt like a celebrity. Ngahahahahah….

The shot lasted for few hours, and we left around 6pm. Set off to Ryuujin’s grandma’s house where we bathe and headed for dinner. Later that night, we had a small Astrology photoshoot on Kids and Cappy and then did some Casual wear shoot in the room where they are playing Chess. I guess nothign much happened then, everyone was exhausted so we went to bed šŸ˜€

Okay, nothing much to tell for Sunday, so I just post up the photos that I’ve edited ok.

Harry Potter and the Haunted Castle of Kellie

Harry Potter : Narukids
Ron Weasley : Waninoko
Hermione Granger : Cappy Phreakyfish
Draco Malfoy : me
Pansy Parkinson : Ryuujin
Cedric Diggory : Wednesday Raven
Oliver Wood : moonmoon-kun

credits to photographers
Cappy Phreakyfish
me, myself
Wednesday Raven
Sky pegasus

Click on the picture for a larger view

You can view more at the other photographer’s website.
here are the links ::

Cikgu’s News Network (CNN)
Kevin’s Photography Journey
Key’s Cosplay Shoot Collection
Cappy’s LJ
More photos and comments discussion in the CF Forum

I guess that’s all for now, more updates on ACF zero 2 soon. Sorry for the late update.


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