ACGC Finale 2008 @ MVEC

ACGC is on the 27th and 28th September 2008, which was successfully held at Mid Valley Exhibition Center. Hahaha… I started off just like writing history. LOL.. ok, back to my usual mode ?

Early Saturday morning, prepared myself and set off to Mid Valley by bus. While I was waiting for the bus to arrive opposite Sunway Pyramid, I noticed most of the people there were PAYING ATTENTION at me! Although I have not changed into Shinigami Attire, but the GIANT Zampaktou grabbed their attention. Saying about attention, while I was walking out from house, I was stopped by a Police Patroling car. T___T. They suspected that my sword was a real one. =.=|| Think back, it’s STUPID. HAHAHA… which terrorist in the WOLRL WOULD carry a giant SWORD that is VISIBLE to everyone. Anyhow, after had a little talk and after they touched the sword, they laughed hard. LOL. I still can’t forget their FACE.

Then. . . when I hopped on the bus, I don’t think I have to tell you what happened. Mwahahaha… yeah, I caught everyone’s attention as well. Pretended and acted normal, while they non stop looking at me, until I reach Mid Valley. Then I meet up with Reno and the others, while waiting for Akiko-chan to help conteng my face . When wani and the others reach, we changed into our costumes ^^. Walked around and had quite a lot of fun, disturbing the Air Gear group who were having a photo shoot, wihle taking photos of them. And I met quite some of them who are from the cf forum. Well, less talk and photos for the FIRST DAY~

Ichigo Kurosaki (with dull hair color) from BLEACH >__<
from lowiesclw’s camera

and with Hollow mask
aww… and a photo of me disturbing the Air Gear group on their photoshoot. Me syiok sendiri go join in, LOL. Love this photo a lot. And er… sorry guys. Was having my own fun time.

Second day ~
Dei sms me and asked for help to cos as naruto. So I considered and agreed to help masako out. In the group, I only knew Dei and gukichan. So… just went and help them out since they need a Naruto cosplayer. We practised our moves around 30 minutes before the competition? I didn’t really know wha was going on back then, and since I agreed to help, I must do it huh ? AND LOL… she decided to do NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN Musical XD~

Here is a video of our performance, but it’s blur. Anyway, only managed to get this. Thank the person who uploaded it.

We used the trailer song of HSM 3. And er… for your information, this team WON !! (clap* clap* – congratulations for winning yourself a NINTENDO Wii) Of course, will go play at your house if I have the chance.

Yup, that’s us performing on stage. From left, Dei, me (potter87), Masako, and gukichan.

Was really funny, me myself can’t stand what I did on stage ( I lip sync the girl’s part, and the crowd laughed ) I ran off to change my costume to meet with my partner who is waiting for me, at the same time to run away from being recognize by others that I am the Naruto cosplayer. XD~


we (me & richard) were disturbing mitts and rayray while they were trying to take a photo. 😀

pinball kept asking us to help him give out his namecard, so we decided to advertise for him. LOL

This tattoo was drawn by yuuki (ryukku). So nice neh… (half costume)

(complete full costume)

yuuki helping zero with his hair ( WIG )

When we appeared in the crowd, we were grabbed for a photo shoot at the corner of the hall, and of course, got a little attention. ( we were actually on our way for our lunch, with the rest T___T )

After the photo session ended, we headed to Sushi King ( I think . . . 16 of us ? )

Photo credits to 9gems~  We were actually laughing behind this menu, @ SUSHI KING~

Zero should not be doing this!! LOOK AT THE MENU you What HAIR !!

Try this, . . . it’s.. . .  it’s. . . NICE!

Yuuki smiling on her own while Zero tries to fiture ouw what she is smiling about (sneaks*)

After that, we went to JUSCO for a while~

yuuki : Zero
Zero : haik ?
yuuki: the only way to stop you from taking blood (preventing yourself to become a vampire & kill more innocent people <— I just made this out ) YOU MUST DRINK RIBENA~ <—- Advertise for RIBENA
Zero: Then I’ll just have to destroy them!
Ribena bottle : Eeek!!~ Tasukete T____T

LOL… look at yuuki’s reaction when Zero suddenly starts liking cute stuff.
Something is WRONG!!

on our way back to the HALL after the lunch.

well, that’s about it ? I am still hunting for more photos from those who snapped our pictures.
Thanks for dropping by~

till the next update, ciao~


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