UniKL Students and Cosplayers Meet-Up @ TS

As stated on the headline, yeah, 9gems hold a meet up, or sort of a sharing session with UniKL students who are interested to know more about cosplays. So . .. yeah. Was yesterday, and was really shocked that yesterday’s outing including the students & cosplayers, there are around 33 people. And although I did not talk much, but I did fun.
Well, I don’t have much to say, and I don’t know so much about cosplay myself (yet) was just like months back where I planned on my first cosplay and now it’s like still months after. AHAHA… WHAT AM I TALKING??

Anyways, photo sharing session again XD~

one of the members of the Animation-club XD~

look-ie at the PEOPLEs

remember him? YUP!! It’s RENO, but er… his hair color seemed to come off a little. Ahaha… SEE, USE CETAK ROMPAK hair DYE :p

Aparently, after dinner at Hartz Chicken Buffet, we set off to the 10th floor for a more peaceful place for discussion. So… sharing session began . . .

cosplayers share their experience & explaning what is cosplay , Crossplay, CosF*** XD~

other cosplayers paying attention XD~ (all in casual wear, while Reno is still is Reno)

and lookie, space_chan showing her TOUNGUE-ie . . .

There will be another event next week, which is ACGC, might drop by and have a little fun, but not joining the competition, although it’s tempting. Nintendo Wii for first prize, Nintendo DS Lite for best craftmanship . . .O_o.

As usual, keep rocking~ and thanks for reading. Till my next post. matane~


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