Work work work ~

                  The launching of our Batch’s Exhibition was hold on the 4th of September at The One Academy Gallery and was successful and great. Was really a fun night. Saw a lot of friends and we managed to take a lot of photos. Will put it up later at the end of this post.

The website for our Batch 58’s graduation was superb. I really put my thumbs up when I received the link. You can have a look here. Thanks to the incredible MM team.

I’ve started working, rather than sitting at home doing nothing and yet, I still use my parent’s money. I feel so bad, so now, I might update not that often, but anyhow, will keep on updating. Nothing much to say here, I’ve been busy all the while, and I’m quite frustrated now, I don’t know what to wear to my Graduation Convocation Ceremony on the 5th October. GAAAAA!!! Anyhow, here are the photos taken during the Exhibition Launching.

The registra~

Preparing guestbook & bookelet for guests

Manicure window display

Display of our work~ mock-up, packaging . . .

mc & samantha

3 gorgeous looking ladies

3 handsome looking young man

Jean ~

Caryn, Danson, Kevin & Kai Keat

HAPPY FAMILY~ From left : Lee peng, Danson, mcFoo, Jing Hui, Ching Hau, & Cynco.

3 sampat lou so happy ne ^^

little garden & sam

The DG gangz . . .except for me šŸ˜€  From left : CC, Caral, Jothan, sam & Kai keat.

some of the Batch 58-ians.

and finally Katak & ME XD~
I didn’t take much photos that day. This is what it is from my camera. So… till the graduation dinner~
Will post more photos on upcoming events. Jya~

And I’m so happy that my slot in the Gallery “where I put my name card”, is EMPTY!!! Wahaha… thanks for taking my name card and supporting. Till the next coming event, matane~

Recently watching :: KHR ~ Ciaossu!! & Special A


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