Wahahaha… yes. I don’t want to write much. It’s been such a long time since my last update. Now I just want to use photos to update everyone. My finals just finished. FINALLY I’M FREE~ Graduate YEY~

To all the friends who are so supportive, keep on visiting in, I’m deeply sorry for not updating. And owh by the way, I’ve purchased my own server, so my own and very original website is coming to you soon… <— still under construction


ANIMAX Youth Festival 8th – 11th August 2008 @ 1 Utama Highstreet.

this was taken at One Utama during the Animax Youth Festival (Day 2 with Audrey and Bunny)

This was taken with Amanda during second day. The one standing beside me is rayray.
Little Amanda is not like other children, she’s special ^^ I don’t know why, but she hugged me 5 times when she saw me. And she was jumping happily there. Haha… so one of my friend Andrew suggested us to take a photo and I’ve sent one to her already. “Hope you like it Amdnad”

This is on Day 3 (sunday) The competition day. Hmm… quite a lot of participants, but I didn’t join the competition. Only went there for fun. Haha… Mintos (cosplaying Maka from Soul Eater) won the RM1000 cash prize, Skypegasus (cosplaying Sakura & Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicle) won the RM700 second prize, while another name who I can’t remember his name. Haha…. won the 3rd. The rest who participated got goody bags, and they had professional photographers grabbing on us when we reach there. They snapped our photos and gave this out for free.
Thanks ^^


I hope I didn’t put in the wrong information

Harry Potter and the Missing Hermione Granger
LOL, why? Cos Hermione went for her Japanese class, so er.. yeah, she’s missing. And Cedric Diggory couldn’t make it for this event, “as HE was MURDERED by You-Know-Who the night before that” so everyone is blaming Potter for this. So everyone got a badge with “POTTER STINKS” on it. Mwahahaha…. Narukids, sabar, sabar 😀

Well, the event there is nothing much, we sat there and chit chat most of the time, since we were quite bored, so we went upstairs to have  a litle photo shoot.

Credits to Waninoko :: Draco now loves Takoyaki. <——- I always do.

We took few photos and I did a short comic strip with YuanCross. Wahahaha…. enjoy 😀
TITLE: Draco is not POPULAR

Credits to waninoko again, for the excellent shots.

Well, I’ll put up more once I’m done editing. My final term just ended, hope all my results are fine. I’ve found 2 jobs and willl start working in September. Well, here goes. WORLD!

Looking forward to more events coming 😀
and a sad thing is, our Harry Potter special appear for the movie preview will be postponed as the movie is postponed. I am sure everyone already knew about it. sigh….

Anyhow, 27th and 28th will have event at MVEC. Hope to see everyone there.
Till then, thanks again for visiting and stay tune as always ^^


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