GameAxis & Anicom 2008

On the 11-th to the 13th of July, there were 2 big events going on which was the Game Axis exhibition situated at Mid Valley Exhibition Hall 2 and also the Anicom Cosplay competition which is the 1st round competition on Sunday, the 13th of July.

I went for the Game Axis exhibition on Friday with Waninoko, wani’s friend, and Rayray (my other half), LOL yeah, cos I just found out that we both born on the same day. SAME DOB!!!
I found out when I was viewing her profile. see see >>

haha… what a small world. Finally found someone with the same Birthday as me, same DDMMYY.

We met up at the entrance around 11am, and set ourselves up in different game cosplay characters. I didn’t know much about game, just played 02jam and Gunbound. Couldn’t expect me to dress up as poring or the cute gunbound character in the game? I did some research weeks before that and chose to cos as Arisato Minato from Persona 3. For those who play Play Station 2, you’ll know it. It’s the guy who keep shooting himself on the head. Yeah, and it is not MALAYSIA’s latest car PERSONA. =.=|| most of them thought it is this one. I feel so dumb receiving this answer. LOL.

here’s a picture of me cosplaying as Arisato Minato from Persona 3

oh well, and on Sunday, Waninoko participated in the competition, so I went to take some shots, YuanCross and Rayray helped her out in the skit, was really nice and funny. There were 9 participants in total, and the winner gets RM1000. I’ll upload photos as usual to support what I just wrote. Please stay tuned

YuanCross with her big big thumb

Hentai-san was there hoping to see some pretty girls. Hahaha . . . more to “sexy”!

A wonderful display inside Sg wang itself. It’s a ceiling light for you info.

The winner of the 1st round who got RM1000 “remember her face, let’s go find her and ask her treat us some nice food :D” She deserved this, really worked hard.
Oh, she’s cosplaying Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles, and the one behind her is Syaoran of course.

updates coming soon~ sorry for the late update.


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