Konoha Gakuen-Dan Photo Shoot

Kmobawa mina~

Sorry for the delay . . .  busy cleaning up my new house, and also assignments piling up. LOL. Just manage to edit some photos.

21 June 2008
Had my lunch at “BigHappy4” and waited at home for Hayashi and Yan to finish class. Then, we set off to Subang Utama School around 12.45. It’s very near our area, and the traffic seemed fine, so we reached in no time

Was really nervous when I reached, as I have never cosplay in a  group before, plus I only went once with a close buddy. This was my 3rd time after the part time job at Mid Valley. When we reached and showed the guard our permission letter, he allowed us to go in and we walked the class where some of them were already there. I saw Narukids Well, the other don’t really know them, but . . . everyone was nice. SEE! Who says we can’t mix around with different races ? “OUT OF TOPIC”

Oh well, Narukids helped me with my “MISAI” LOL and also the wig. Thanks – Hugs*
And then the others started reaching,
waninoko and the others who met up at KL central. Pinball was there too.
The photo shoot actually started around 3 to be more specific, as there were some problem, and also the sudden downpour. It ended around . . . 6.45pm? Haha… and some left back while me, Hayashi, Yan, Waninoko, Narukids, Pinball, Silver, Sasuke, setan, and friends “sorry I can’t really remember the names” had our dinner at Sunway Pyramid’s Pizza Hut.

After the dinner we went to Black Queen to have a look at the wigs sold there. Then everyone left for home. Waninoko followed me back and stayed over night at my place cos it’s too late for her to go back. Well, I guess that’s about it. I don’t wanna talk much, let the photos show you what’s going on ok.

oh yeah, caryn jie jie was supposed to go be my photographer, but she ended up with a swollen eye, so she had to get some rest. Take care yea ^^

Here’s a
Sneak preview of Konoha Gakuen-Dan Photoshoot

more coming soon

Cappy wrote a story based on these photos.
 Click Here to see the full story.
Here are the shots taken and edited.
When Naruto is curious of what Sai’s drawing

When Naruto sees Sakura-Chan

When Naruto notices Sakura is dating with Sasuke-kun

The yoyo

here’s a comic scene, done by PhreakyFish

As cool as always . . .

From left : Iruka sensei, Gai sensei, Asuma sensei, Ebisu, Kakashi sensei & Tsunade – hokage

Environment in the class

What are they doing ?

Disturbing scene :: NaruSakuSasu

Aww… we had bunshin of Naruto

The akatsuki actually went to school too ? but during that time, not all 10 members were in yet. So there were only 6 of them

More pictures from cappy’s DA . And also my DA
There are more photo shoots coming soon. Anyone going to Bon Odori this year? Do let me know yea, let’s go together with yukata. wee~


2 thoughts on “Konoha Gakuen-Dan Photo Shoot

  1. ur last second pic, the hair u edit more yellow de ar?so yellow than other pic…^^ so shuang leh…cant wait to see more pic!

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