Naruto – Gakuen Cosplay Photoshoot

Yup, as you can read on the title, after the 2nd cosplay as Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach, I can say that I am getting into this cosplaying thing even more deeper now. And I can say my interest on it just come so suddenly. I was scrolling through CF forum last week, this post calling all naruto cosplayers =) caught my attention. And I read through the posts and gave a respond on them. Hopefully they are nice enough to accept and reply my message? The next day when I checked, I was really glad to see so many replies and the warm welcome of them asking me to join in the group. Thanks guys

They are actually planning on a photo shoot, searching for Naruto (anime) cosplayers of all characters (if possible) to meet up at a school and do a school time photo shoot. Something like, Naruto goes to school ? LOL. And I’ll list out the names of who is cosplaying who later on. It’s going to be fun. I BET!. And of course, I’ll upload the photos on my next post. . Oh by the way, they have a meet up for some of the cosplayers to try out the costumes that they borrow from other cosplayers, and a short meeting at Sunway Pyramid this Saturday (tomorrow). Sadly, I cant make it as I am back for Father’s Day celebration. Family always comes first. (something to cheer myself up a little) Well, to stop wasting time writing rubbish, here’s the list of participants on that day. I guess they will be updating it time to time, but it’s the latest I get so far.

Naruto Gakuen Cosplay Photo Shoot
Date   : 21st June 2008
Time   : 1:00pm
Location   : Sek. Men. Keb. Subang Utama, SS18 Subang Jaya. (they actually gotten permission already : AWESOME !!)


  • Business
    Suit!Kakuzu – DeidaraGS
  • Mafia
    Leader!Pein – miyavi honey’s brother
  • High
    School!Itachi – warumon
  • Bomber
    Pilot!Deidara – mitts
  • Puppet
    Maker!Sasori – ayumi
  • Tobi


       Team Kakashi :

  • Naruto
  • Suit!Naruto
    and TaeKwonDo!Naruto – potter  < <  This is me
  • Sakura
  • Sai
  • Sasuke
    mitt’s friend
  • Sasuke (double) – Silver_Wing’s friend

       Team Gai :

  • Jersey!Rock
    Lee – miyavi honey
  • Tae
    Kwon Do!Neji – waninoko
  • Dojo!Ten-Ten

       Team Asuma :

  • Ino
  • Chouji
  • Shikamaru

       Team Kurenai :

  • Kiba
  • Hinata
  • Shino
    ezard’s friend


  • Kakashi
  • PE
    Teacher!Gai – satan666
  • Genma
  • Lab
    Teacher!Yamato – Ogy
  • Iruka
  • Headmaster!Tsunade

Total cosplayers : 25 


  • phreakyfish
  • kemuri
  • miyavi
    honey’s classmate
  • caryn jie jie


yeah, I made a headband for the cosplay as well. Not really nice though, but thanks to mum for helping me a little bit. Some final touch ups on my own as well. Here it is ::

a test out of the headband and the suit costume ^^ My current Avatar in CF forum

during the process of making ::

Looking forward to this event. Stay TUNED~


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