Bunny my friend~

Bunny is the friend that I met in college since day 1 after orientation day. Since then, we’ve become good pals until today, no matter what happens, she shares her feelings with me ( I hope she still does this in future ) Her group is finishing up the final project already, she’s free lo go. I mean graduate, she already left for almost a week and came back to visit us. We (me, bunny and caiyan) spent most of last week’s time together, going for movies and also shopping. Really had great fun. We also took Neo Pictures. Really memorable week for the 3 of us.

Bunny promised to buy me a little 7 (cj7) but the productions around here is really horrible, ended up she bought me a little kuma-chan.
I had a lot of kuma-kuma as my 21st birthday gift, and I just requested for a little kuma since she wanted to get me one before leaving tomorrow. She walks very fast, and her name is Bunny, and she always say that I am slow, so one day, she said “you are slow as the TURTLE” TADAH! Here’s the turtle nick that she gave, and end up, I really walk slow as always, not trying hard to chase after her. LOL. Anyhow, thanks for the KUMA-CHAN Bunny.

here’s a picture of it
Bunny holding the Kuma-chan ^^ Arigatou



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