LOL, sorry everyone, I’ve been busy with the Digital art Exhibition, then college starts (my final term) and I’ll be graduating soon and have been busy on other stuff, plus the irritating troublesome internet connection.

My apologies, what’s passed is passed, I’ll make it quick and update everyone with the latest events.
Remember the previous post that I mention about cosplaying as Akimichi Chouji at Mid Valley for the Digital Art Exhibition event? Well, the costume was done on time, and everything went well, for my first experience, I was really nervous and after that I felt fun

Well, during that time, one of the workers from Anime Tech booth came and asked for our contact number (me and Audrey’s) er. . . remembering he said something of some event etc…. just gave him and . . . . forgot about it. Until about… last 2 weeks, got a message from one of the staff of Anime Tech offering part time job as a cosplayer paying our RM30 cash and RM30 voucher to purchase any item in the shop itself. I wanted to go actually but sadly, I have some personal stuff to do, need to return to hometown to settle it so I passed the 24th and 25th and also the 31st May. Since I had some problem with my Chouji costume and I don’t have a wig, so it’s not really nice to ask for my landlord’s help to make up and set hair for me again. (I’ve been helping my former secondary school teacher to do the School’s English Language Portal website, for students from Form 1 to Upper 6 to download holiday homeworks as a revision. Here is the LINK . What do you think?)

Then, Anna called, and offered to borrowing costume and she mentioned about raising the pay to RM50 plus RM30 voucher. That even caught my heart. Haha…. Everyone loves money do they ? She asked me to go try out the costume at any outlet that is convenient for me and of course, I went to the Pyramid one.

Dropped by before my return to Ipoh on the 22nd, and tell you what, the person in charged there was really nice. I can still remembered what she say. Here goes… :

Cat. : Are you sam ?
me : yup I am, did Anna call you? I was told to come over to try out the Ouran High School Costume.
Cat. : Yeah, but Ouran High School is not famous now, how about some more famous character? Are you interested in cosplaying characters in Naruto ? The boss is willing to pay higher for this character.
me : I’m sorry, I don’t know what I am suitable for, how about something simple?
Cat. : Ok. Let’s see…. here, try this. Haruhi Shizumiya (not sure of the spelling)
me : (my reaction ) er… actually I’m not used to skirts, and erm… this is wayyyyyy toooooo short. Any male costumes?
Cat. : Ah… how about Fullmetal Alchemist?
me : sorry again. I don’t have wig
Cat. : Ah…. never mind, just try out this Bleach shinigami outfit first ok?
me : sure. Thanks and sorry for all the trouble.
Cat. : Np.

She showed me the way into their store room, I changed into the costume and I felt great. And I thought of what character to cosplay . . . . then I changed back and folded it nicely back, and passed it back to her, and she asked again.

Cat. : Does it fit?
me : yeah, just nice. Thanks.
Cat. : so . .  . which character in Bleach are you cosplaying?
me : I think I’ll just cosplay Kurosaki Ichigo, easier and I can borrow the props from my friends.
Cat. : ok, I’ll inform Anna and we’ll send your costume to the Mid Valley branch. Thanks.
me : Thank you too.

I called YeeJenn and borrowed her Zangetsu sword which she used few years back cosplaying Ichigo. Her cosplay was THE BEST that I’ve seen in Malaysia ^^ She passed me her sword on Tuesday, and also we celebrated miss Ahmad Chin aka. shen yin’s birthday at Subway.

After that, SW came with her sis, and stayed over night at my plac e. Her sister on the other hand stayed at Neo’s place. Thanks a lot for coming, I really had a great time and I really missed seeing you. They both left back to Singapore on the next day taking 9.30 bus and reached around 2 something in the morning.

Well, I’ve been going around looking for suitable hair sprays for my hair, wouldn’t want to dye my hair to orange just for this cosplay, and I think my mum will kill me for that. And found one ORANGE spray from a shop near Vision Art. And the very day came, really really nervous, was my 2nd time, but this time, no close friends accompanying me go. Well, i took this job, and prepared this much. Just go have some fun shall we?

Woke up around 8? Prepared, and set my hair. After everything is done, I had a cup of Milo and set off to the bus stop opposite Pyramid around 9.45am. The bus came just around 10 minute after that. I really looked weird I think? Cos everyone was staring, or maybe it’s because of the big Gigantic Sword that I’m holding? Hopped on to the bus and pretended to be listening to my mp3. I knew, I was at the center of attention in the whole BUS. And yeah, the bus was FULLY stuffed with normal Human Beings.

took a picture of my hair, took me very long to do this. And I sprayed the orange spray until I almost fainted in the bathroom O_o.

Hopped off the bus at the Mid Valley stop, and walked slowly towards the entrance. Called Anna and asked what time I should be there and she told me to wait at the outlet. And then, I met the other 4 cosplayers. Surprisingly, all 4 of them came from PJ as well, and all of them are studying at TOA, and all of them are my juniors. LOL, LOL, LOL. How nice. They were really friendly. Chunyee was the first one who talked to me, then the rest. Took my costume and we went to a room to get ourselves changed. And headed back to Anime Tech shop and put our bags there. Then, we walked down to the ground floor.

Our job starts from 11-2pm, giving out posters and vouchers, asking simple questions, and also taking pictures with the audiences, ah…. and giving out sweets to kids. They are cute. I really had great fun, for my 2nd time. I guess, I did my best, and I hope I will keep on improving. Well, let’s talk less and as usual, PHOTOS ::

Chouji cosplay costume. I only spent RM30 for the whole costume, plus shoes and accessories.

There were 2 person cosplayng the same character, but luckily, Eddron cosplayed the Ichigo of Bankai Version.
Some people called Ichigo and dunno which of us wanted to respond. LOL. Anyway, he’s way more experienced than me. And he’s been to a lot of competitions.

Cute yan yan cosplayed Misa Misa from Death Note, she’s really nice, guess how old is she?

And finally group photo. The one squating down is Richard, cosplaying Luffy, and the girl in white is Chunyee cosplaying a character in a Japanese game named Angela. They are really great cosplayers, and nice knowing you.

Photos taking on 28th night at a steamboat restaurant:

Neo and MengKit

Kacee and Kan were enjoying their time,

while Audrey and HW were busy talking about Vampire Knight it seems, see how happy and excited Audrey is. LOL

Look Look, my eye is eating SW’s head.                             

Ken on the other hand is stuffing his face with fishball.

went and took some pictures with SW on the next day morning before going to KL to meet up with Asyikin.
And the other photo was edited by Bunny, and the photos was taken months before this. Very nicely done.

was taken at Pizza Hut, KLCC. Meeting up with Asyikin (sangat HOT oh)
haha… everyone really had a great time rushing here and there taking
bus, LRT and Monorail. Luckily we made it to send the twins home. Thank

ooking forward to more nice events coming soon. . . .and thanks everyone for visiting. Sorry again for the late update. 


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