Today is 4th May 2008

First of all, wanna wish Joanne a.k.a. Phooi Kwan and also Ah Teh a.k.a. Seow Yann a happy wonderful Birthday. Big gals already, and yet 1 year older. ADMIT ADMIT!!! Haha….

I’ve returned back to my own room on Thursday at PJ where my torturing life will start again very soon, yeah, and which means it’s my last fight in this war, my final semester and I’ll be graduating after this. GOD, please help me to pass everything with good results will you? I’ll be good I promise.

Went and watch Ironman with CC, Wei Kang, V Jan, KaiYen, Peow and Audrey on Friday night at 1U. I love the OST very much, tried getting it but couldn’t find it, only manage to get one. Should watch it, it’s really nice.
Here, wanna share this wonderful song with you:
Official Site : Click on the Picture


Not really in a good mood of doing work the past few days, I still have not completed the Go Green competition stuff, I guess around 30% only and the deadline is on the 9th. OMG!!!. I spent almost a week preparing my costume for the cosplay event for the Digital Art Expo (when I was back to hometown for a week). so…. here’s a sneak peak on the costume Er… I think you all should roughly know who I am going to cosplay ?

and check out the official site for the coming big event.

more to come…
stay tuned 😀


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