Term Break

The days that I’ve been struggling and waiting for had finally reached. Hahaha… My last assignment submission was on Thursday, after that, I can finally breathe. I mean last Thursday. And now I’m having my break, but sadly, I still have 2 big campaigns coming up, which is Go-Green campaign where I am part of the committee and I am participating at the competition as well, well, nothing much to talk about that first, and another one is the International Digital Art Exhibition. Not much about that either. haha…
let’s talk about what I’ve been doing for the past few days, yup. I went for hiking trip to Ulu Langat on Sunday, met up at college at 7.15am, and we came back around 7.30 pm if not mistaken. Well, it was a tough and tiring experience, but it was indeed fun. It’s hard for me to write the whole journey out, go try it if you really wanna know the real feeling of it. I’ll upload the photos once I’m done with the editing. Haha… yeah, I brought back souvenirs, which are . . . . stones 

Oh well, stay tuned. photos coming soon and yeah, I’m planning to go cosplaying with some of my friends during the Art Exhibition, hmm…. wanna know more just stick to my blog. hehehe…. matane~


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