A little update or I can say, continue of last week’s suffer. LOL. These few days were way much better. FINALLY, went for a little entertainment, had a small meet up with my IPOH CHINESE GANG, since they’ve moved up to KL to further their studies, after so long, we finally met. 10 of them came (include me). We met up at Pyramid at 11am.
Only 2 person was punctual, the rest still k.o at home. LOL, went clubbing I suppose.? Oh well, at least they managed to turn up right on time for the movie which was at 2pm. Let me list out who came : . . .

PhooiKwan , SiewOoi , YokeHeng , Kacee , Kent (Kacee’s college-mate) , Maggie , Grace , Chloe , YinYee .
Hmm…. why only nine . . . ? LOL, yeah, I missed out myself. Kakakaka….
So we went for a show at TGC ” Water Horse ” Have you watched it? It’s been such a long time since we watch movie TOGETHER ! Look at this ::

10 tickets

Before movies, we had lunch at BBQ Plaza

After movies, we went for a short Yum Cha session at GasOline. It’s officially opened. I wonder yesterday or today?
Oh well, it was really nice inside, just that lighting problem, so erm… it’s sort of dark and hard for me to take nice shots. Here are the photos.

before we go GasOline

snap snap snap . . .

Everyone who came πŸ˜€

Showing off their FINTERS, except me and Kent. We are good kid

look at them. They really love taking pictures, then Kwan said I didn take any photos, so it’s my turn to show off in the pictures πŸ™‚ Oh yeah, due to some personal problems, Kacee and Kent have to leave us without even having dinner with us. Oh well, it’s okay, next time ok.

Sorry just a quick update on stuff, so I didn’t upload all the pictures

What did you realise in this photo? LOL. Sorry Siew Ooi, I did some changes.

Yup and during the last few weeks, Batch 58 hold a FoodFeast (food bazaar),
and I prepared Herbal Eggs and also Porridge. Haha… here are some photos. Thanks to charlotte for the nice photos.

see see see, this is the porridge I made. Fuu Fuu Fuu. . . . saliva dripping d . . .

Other foods, Nasi Lemak, yum yum . .!

My Tay chose to Dine In

Happy Caryn posing

Serving Nic

Promoting the Herbal Eggs

LOL, Ping is so cute

Pinky is always supportive, I wonder what she’s thinking now ? (erm.. what should I eat?)

Nic & Leo

They Are HERE!!! RUN!!

Running our small FoodFeast, Marcus Dining in πŸ™‚

Erm . . . no caption

More and more exciting news will be up soon.
There’s Digital Art Centre Campaign on the 8th to 11th of May at MidValley Megamall’s Exhibition Hall.
Please make sure everyone come and support. Lots of events going on, come buy and support my Batch yeah.
Oh and another competition that we were compulsory to join is the Go Green Campaign, launched by 1U.
Will update the latest details soon.


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