s t r e s s

Haih . . .
no entertainment for a week already. I’m going to die very soon.
This term is the most suffering term. I already expected this as I’ve seen the rest last term.
I miss going to the cinemas, I miss going out. I’ve been facing the computer for so long.
I’m really tired, she’s quite upset of me for not calling her, she’s upset cos I went missing for so long.
I’m sorry. After I finished this 2 weeks, I can’t go back for holiday for too long, maybe just few days break, I have other things to do for my graduating batch.
Will keep everyone updated, thanks everyone for helping and supporting. I’ll update everyone on what’s going on around soon. After next week, I’ll be free. WEE~ (for now)

p/s just a short update. I’ve uploaded the latest song from Leo Ku. Love it. Enjoy


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