Happy Moments

The most happy moment in my life is being born to this world. Having such a wonderful family, supporting me in my studies, keep on lending me their hands. Whenever I fall, there’s always them behind my back, and the helping hand is always there. No matter what happens to me, no matter what I did. I am really glad, that Dad and Mum supported me so much. Work their very best to feed me, send me to school, pay me so that I will live a happier life, and yet, I still waste so much money, spending on unnecessary things that I love buying. Whenever I do something wrong, they always have an explaination, they always make it as if the matter were small. I’m really happy to be your child, happy that I’ve been loved and cherish that much. Happy to write this out, happy to say this out, and I am really proud, and I don’t mind what people say, what people think. I must say this out, although I know they won’t be reading this, they won’t know what I am writing. I can’t find a way to repay, I know money can’t repay it. I know what I can only do is stay by your side, and that’s what I WANT TO DO after I GRADUATE!. I’m telling this to everyone out there, so that it’s a proof of what I’ve said. And what I say out today, the things that I’ve wrote above. I mean it. And I will do it.

picture of me when I was just few months old (1987)

picture of my mum, me and my dad (Our trip to China 1997)

My wonderful Family~

Not just that, there are also other things that made me happy. I’m very grateful to my teachers as well, for spending so much time, scolding me. Never give up on me, although I was always lazy. Putting hope on me. And being so understanding. Me myself, meeting up so many lovely friends out there, I think, it’s faith. And it’s all blessing from god. I want to stand up to this world, I want to help out the poor, the ones who needed help. I don’t care, I just wanted to blog this out. If I, so lucky for first time of my life “I’ve never win any prize”, I want to Donate 1 K out. To be sincere, and not to be greedy to what god have given to me.

Picture of my secondary school friends – Choir team (2003)

Picture of my College friends (January 2008)

Well, I don’t have much to say, about the happy moments, there are too many of it, and I think the most happiest moment in my life, is seeing others around me happy.

Oh well, I better stop repeating before I get older.

and thanks to everyone out there, who spent time reading, and also to my lovely friends, who supported and helped. Good night.

Happy - Happy Moments


2 thoughts on “Happy Moments

  1. Wei, Kept my promise and came to roam around… I wonder if  u noe the existance of me during our school life in primary or secondary…but think deeply, ya…u must knew i was there…haha…cuz of my size…hahaha..Neways, I almost forgot all my primary school’s memories….Ntg much left in my huge useless brain…haha… All I could remember was you and me went to Michelle’s b’day party b4, rite? years ago… and if I’m not mistaken, v did went to the Penang trip together, rite? n 8 ppl live in a room…Am i right? forgive me if I’m mistaken…Btw, very happy for u as u r leading a wonderful life now and glad to know that u r appreciating your life now….Isn’t that great?

  2. Yeah, how can I forget you. :
    Penang trip ur… I can’t recall that. LOL. But I still remember the birthday party I attended in michelle’s house. Anyway, thanks 🙂 for dropping by

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