GACC Event @ Malacca

Yup, as I have promised sheep sheep that I would turn up for the GACC event. I have to keep it. Yea… we bought tickets to go there about days ago. So urm… me, Bunny, Caiyan and Ah Mi. Yup! 4 of us went.

Woke up around 5.45 in the morning and get ourselves prepared, when we are all done, it’s almost 6.35. So we started to get worried as our bus is at 8.So we decided not to eat at mamak and we crossed the road with the bridge and waited. AH~ when the bus arrived, we hopped in and started our journey. “Trip to GACC” begins. Oh by the way, if you don’t know what is GACC, it’s Games Anime, Comic Circle. Something similar to Comic Fiesta~, but CF is much more happening and larger.

We took 8am bus from KL, Puduraya and reached Malacca around 9.20am. Really fast. Ah mi’s mum came and picked us up and took us to a Buddhism association centre, there, we saw lots of little children being send in by their parents to be educated. They were really nice people, they are doing jobs with sincere to help the poor and those who needed medical or financial help.

Bunny and me, taken in the Centre. Really nice environment where you can sit and have tea in their coffee house, and online plus they have lots of books for reference if you want to study as well. Something like STARBUCKS, but I love this more

Once we finish our tour there, we headed to MMU. And once I’ve reached there, I looked for sheep sheep. And OMFG! He’s grown even taller. LOL!. Then we started snapping photos… and I guess until around. . . 2? Just after the Cosplay competition ended, we decided to leave due to the crowd. Really getting hot in there.

This is tall tall sheep sheep and me. Nice to see you again pal. Oh yeah~ He cosplayed “HARD GAY” wahahaha… everyone loves him.

Caiyan and Alice the girl in the movie ” Resident Evil ? ” Not bad lah, good effort, just that the hair doesn’t really look too right?

Other cosplayers~ (I don’t really know too much about the details or the anime or games that they are cosplaying, but it looks very nice)

Bunny and the Ghost, Her hair is super long, and she’s very nice. Still can peace with us 😀

The 2 are my my favourite. One is from Bleach, and another one is from Spirited Away. Really cute characters. Love them~

Me and Commando Chaos. LOL. This guy really spent a lot of his time preparing the props. All super “CANGGIH”. Cool guy.

Er… I don’t know who this Blue Face guy is cosplaying, but he’s really attractive and nicely done. First I thought was the Ginnie from Alladin. LOL.

And I met my collegemate there as well. She’s really pretty. And I’ve always loved her costumes. Bravo~

I like this as well, I wonder she’s really that fair or she put powder?

2 musicians. Love em`

Hahahaha! And I saw Star Wars there as well, I remember Audrey mentioning that she wanted to cosplay as er…. Jedai ? Did I spelt it wrongly?

Here’s another nice cosplayer. with s weet smile

This guy cosplayed One Piece. Compared the one who went to the stage and participated, this one looks more like the real character himself. Well done~

No comment about this, but it’s nice

My favourite character from Bleach Anime. Hitsungaya Toshirou. Took this from the back, cos he’s always the coll type rite? Really nice hair

BEST OF THE BEST, This girl cosplayed one of the Espada character. LOVE THIS THE MOST!!! Oh well, for those who didn’t go, there’s been a war in the hall, shinigami VS the Espada. AH… and Aizen is there as well. LOL. Anyway, will try to upload more after editing…

Ah mi took us to have our lunch, Chicken rice ball. My first time having it. Really taste.. . GOOD! And walked around, and yeah, we tried the ABC with gula melaka. And yeah, I’ve bought few back. Hahahaha~
Well, I’ll stop yapping and as usual, photos posts with captions. Yeah, sheep sheep still owes me a T-shirt of GACC. Don’t forget yo.

Took this outisde of a shop that sells clothes, lamps and all types of souveniors. The environment looked nice, so Bunny suggested that we take picture there.
Actually I’m not too ready, so my reaction was like that. 


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