Well, last Saturday, I’ve decided to finally cook my “Siu Yuk” Planned to cook porridge, and “Ah Mi” suggested that we have a little Lou sang, but everyone was like… er… isn’t it past CNY already? Well, we still can have our own style of  Lou Sang ward? LOL… so after class on Saturday, we went shopping at Jusco with “Ah Mi, Chris, and Caiyan” Bought ingredients for the Lou Sang and porridge, and this is our first time making Lou Sang. Our first shot.
Here goes . . .

We bought, “Pang Guan, Mango (sour), Pears, Carrots, Cucumbers, Crab sticks, & Chicken Ham)
Bought a large Watermelon for dessert and also Chris bought Red beans and Sago for Dede ssert 😀
Bought 3 types of eggs for frying and also for porridge, and that’s all.

our menu ::
Pork Porridge
Friend 3 type of eggs in 1
Red Bean soup

It was really successful Lou Sang. The taste was great. Oh yeah , forgot the “TAM TAM” the biscuit. and Ah Mi’s Ikan Bilis (GREAT!!!)

And we Lou with 6 other friends which are… me, Ah Mi, Caiyan, Chris, Bunny, Shawn and JT. WOOHOO!!!

No more talking la… sien d. Post photo okay . . .

Look at our LOU SANG dish… nice?

Lou Lou Lou . . .

me & Bunny enjoying our meal

Famous “Sai Gua Poh” a.k.a. Chris showing off her skills slicing off the watermelon.

Mr. Shawn showing off his Piece of Watermelon, can’t wait to eat :: see there’s a bite sign

JT holding 2 piece O_o

Chris stuffing her mouth

sam stuffing her face with 2 piece

Caiyan posing with her piece. . . “That’s Cute”

“Ah Mi” wants to share with you . . .NAH!!!
after that, Chris, Shawn, and Jt left. Bunny went to bed, me, Caiyan and Ah Mi was chit-chatting and we heard loud explosion sounds… haha… here it is~ Fireworks.
Well, that’s lots of fun doing Lou Sang. Looking forward to having new menu soon~
Cheers~ people


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