Ah Mi’s Birthday @ Chili’s

Me, Ah mi, and Caiyan jump into a bus around 5. Bunny couldn’t follow coz she wasn’t feeling too well and she had something that needed to be done.
Yup, it’s Number 10. The metrobus that I would always take to go to Kota Raya. Well, Sheep sheep messaged me days ago and reminded me about the GACC event at Malacca that I’ve promised to go and meet him there last year. I did not forget that, but I planned to forget it. Thanks sheep… I’m going to meet you up again finally after 3 months.
Well at first, me and only me wanted to go, then I asked ah Mi, I was shocked that he wanted to go as well, then Caiyan, Bunny and Shawn wanted to go and have some fun too. To, the purpose we go to Kota Raya / Pudu Raya is to purchase the ticket to Malacca on Sunday morning. 5 tickets to Malacca at 8 am, and 5 tickets back at 8pm.
Hope to take more nice photos there~

in the bus…

Okay, after that, we actually planned to have dinner and celebrate Ah mi’s birthday on this Friday, but I have to go back on that day and I didn’t want to skip class, so selfish me suggested that we celebrate it today instead ?
Well, since caiyan and ah mi said ok, so we headed to Mid Valley’s Chili’s. We ordered what we wished to have and waited. Caiyan accompanied me to the restroom and we suggested to get ah mi a cake. So we talked to the server there and arranged us a piece of cake for ah mi. And they told us that it’s free cake for the birthday guy. LOL. I didn’t know that. Oh well, and they include the singing and serving package. Hahaha…. oh well, we went back and got ourselves seated, pretended nothing happened and enjoyed our meal, tried each other’s food and slowly finished our meal.

After that, one bunch of staff of Chili’s Voiced out and sang Happy Birthday song, everyone looked at them, including Ah Mi. When they sang the part “Happy Birthday to EDWIN!!!” His face expression changed! Haha… He did not expect that to happen. Cool rite? Oh well, ended up after tasting the Delicious Ice Cream Pie, Ah mi wanted to pay for the bill, can’t resist, it’s an order but it’s okay, the surprised is in, so just let him treat us for once Thanks Ah Mi~

as usual, photos::

Chili’s Restaurant

Ah mi showing off his Ice cream pie

Ah mi making long wish. . .

Fork also haven’t come, really can’t resist and bite it already… hahaha…

me and ah mi ~

After that, too full so we went and walked around Mid Valley, Caiyan wanted to have a look at The Garden, so we went and have a little walk, then we came across this big wallpaper. Funny rite? It’s like this 2 person trying to go in. LOL

Then, they tried hiding behind a fake tree~

Then, Caiyan and Ah Mi actually tried to be a part of the maniquen. LOL… really funny !!
After that, we took bus back lol. And reached Sunway around 10.20pm. Then I went out again with Marcus for a movie :: Jumper. Well, It’s kinda short, but I like the story. Well, guess that’s all.

Oh yeah, in the morning, we had a little photo and ma ke up session at home, since my leg wasn’t really feeling good, I did not went for class. Oh well. Here are the 2 models… so what do you think?



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