21st Birthday Celebration at Chong Qing~

wooohoo… officially celebrated and now I’m 21!!! Wahahaha…
Shared with Caiyan and treated some friends at Chong Qing Steamboat. Really good. Taste better than Yuen’s Steamboat. Honestly, Yuen is famous of it’s chicken wings only. You pay RM1 extra, go Chong Qing, the soup “Tom Yam and Herbal Soup” taste excellent, and the water are free for refill. Just that no Chicken Wings, well, I would recommend this rather than Yuen. Well, 28 person turned up, some couldn’t make it, but anyway, thanks to those who came and also THANK YOU GUYS for the presents. I got the most presents this time in my 21 years of life. HAHAHAHA!!! BANZAI~

Don’t wanna talk much as usual. Photos and captions~

here are some photos taken by our phofessional photographer, Mr. EDWIN.
His camera is the best. Love it! Thanks a lot man.
And there are thumbnails in his FlickR. Just show it all at once. We really did took a lot. I’ll upload more larger images after I’ve edited it.


we had steamboat buffet at Chong Qing Steamboat Restaurant ~

Those who missed it, sorry le har~

And the 2 Main person are~ HaHahaha… me (sam) & lovely Caiyan Jie~

28 people attended. thanks everyone for making it to this important nite. And sorry for those who missed it., but yet, thanks for all the sms that you’ve all send me. All the presents that you all bought for me. LOVE it very much. And thanks to SW for the double present. Thanks Bunny for the special treat. Thanks neo for the shirt. I really don’t know what else to say, just THANKS~

love you guys ❤

from back:: Jothan, Jeff, Vjan;Stephanie,Chris, Sam, Bunny, Feei;Zq & Caiyan

hot hot steamboat buffet o~ sweating sweating…

Delicious Ice-cream (I was looking somewhere)

Recording a TV show call “wo Chi, wo Chi, Wo chi chi chi”(makan)

Grand pose

Happy posing

From back (left):: sam, bunny, caiyan, Danson, OPX; rYnz, Christine, samson & Zq

From Back(left):: GUYS:: Jothan, Kok Kang, kai keat, Daniel, KK; CC & Vjan.
GIRLS:: sam & caiyan



LENG LUIz:: (left) Feei, Caiyan, Chris, Sam, Bunny & Audrey

(sorry low res): Kan, Neo, Bunny, Song & sam

my mamie & me

wah… look at all the presents that I got…
Thanks to Audrey, Jenn and Shenyin for the wonderful watch
Thanks to song for the beautiful watch as well
Thanks to Bunny for the cute key chain
Thanks to SW for the cute bunny doll,ring and the lovely bear,
Thanks to Chris and the others for the Kuma-kuma set . . . (4pcs)
Thanks to mamie for the Padini shirt
Thanks to kai keat for the planting egg ?
well… Domo arigatou~

and also a very cute dool from opx, danson, samson, rynz.
oh and the cute vibrating turtle from rYnz (jie jie).
And last but not least, the very nice T-Shirt from Neo, Kan, and Kwan. Love you guys~ This is my best B’day ever.

“21 years old”
My first page of my new life . . .
b e g i n s . . .



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