Went and watch Sweeny Todd with CC, Jothan and Wei Peow on the night before which was on the 22nd. The movie was at 11.40pm and ended around 1.40am. When I reached home, packed and went straightly to bed. My alarm clock rang around 3.30am and I dozed off again. When my mobile suddenly rang, I jumped up to pick up Caiyan’s call realizing I was overslept. Haha… thanks to her. I am wide awake and energetic. Got to my feet, changed and charged to her house and started cooking / preparing breakfast for everyone. After that, I went back home and get myself changed. The taxi that I booked came at 5.35am. I booked 2 taxi as we have 8 person, which consists of me myself, Chris & Tony, Caiyan, Bunny, Edwin, Elvin’s cousin and his gf.

We set off and reached there around 25 minutes ride. The roads to the entrance were all blocked, there were already cars and motorcycles parked the whole way…

people already reach there days before and sleeping there to prevent the jam

what a big crowd


chris & bunny

We left around 1, was really tiring. I’ll keep this short. Gotta go do assignment… chao..


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