New Year Fever

Speaking of New Year Fever, so fast it’s already 2008 and so fast, 3 years past. What I meant was my life in college. So fast, the day after I finish my SPM, the day when I went to school to arrange for my forecast results, the day I signed up in TOA and now, only 2 more semesters left, I’m graduating. Life’s not really good lately, sum of money that I’ve used up is increasing, the stress level is getting higher, number of subjects are also increasing.
I’m really looking forward to graduating, and in 1 month’s time, I’ll be throwing a small party for myself, celebrating how “OLD” I finally am, and I have a very small wish or I can say request? I really hope that Dad & Mum will attend my graduation night, or perhaps my brothers to attend as well. Since I would not be going overseas, and working my life off starting next year. This is just my small request, and I really hope that DAD can understand and READ MY BLOG!!!. Haha… how foolish me, he can’t even understand a word, maybe “Yes or No”?

Anyway, just felt like blogging and writing a little bit, and this year’s luck isn’t as good as last years, and I hope I’ll go through it as I have did for my past 20 years. Thanks everyone, for all the support, and I am looking forward to enjoying my life more.

Life’s short. Enjoy it before it’s too late ( I heard it from somewhere )

I came across of these jokes when I was cleaning up my stuff.


Why do cows wear bells ?
Because their horns don’t work

Why did the rooster cross the road?
To prove he wasn’t a chicken!

What kind of horses keep late hours?

What do you call a mouse that visits the lion?

Why did the chicken stick to the road?
Cos when he tried to cross it, there was chewing gum on it!

Why did the bee fly with his legs crossed?
It needed to go to the BP station! (bee pee-get it?)

What happened when the kangaroo ate the sheep?
It became a woolly jumper?


Doctor, Doctor I think I’m invisible!
Who said that?

Doctor, Doctor I feel like a needle!
I see your point, man!

Doctor, Doctor I think I’m a dustbin!
What rubbish!

Doctor, Doctor I keep thinking I’m a pair of curtains!
Oh! Pull yourself together!

Doctor, Doctor everyone keeps ignoring me!
NEXT !!!

Doctor, Doctor I have this terrible memory loss problem!
When did this memory loss start?
What memory loss?

Doctor, Doctor! Every time I drink a cup of coffee, I have a stabbing pain in my right eye.
What should I do?
Take the spoon out of your cup first!

Doctor, Doctor! My brother thinks he’s a chicken!
How long has he had this problem?
About 5 years
5 years! Why didn’t you see a doctor sooner?
Because we needed the eggs!

Doctor, Doctor I keep thinking I’m getting smaller!
Well, you just have to be a little patient!

And I also found my photos when I was a small kid, and I want to share it with my dear friends.

The bald me

I love my DADDY

I’m Lovin It

Looking at the fishies.  . .

First picture :: From left, Ken (3rd Bro), Wai (2nd Bro) & Louis (Bit Bro), and the Kicik Mayong is me

I think 8 years / 9 years old

My 3rd Bro’s 21st Birthday

When I was 10 . . . China Trip

I love this big Tea Cup. Taken at China also (1997)

Yup, hair grow back d

Met her at a Restaurant (2002 :: Michell Yeoh & me)
Choir Team . . . I’m 3rd from left 1st row (so UGLY!!!)
Class photo . . . 2003 (Form 5)

well, thats some transformation of me, what do you think?
Anyway, these are sweet memories of mine that I shall never forget.
I’m glad that I’m born to this world, enjoying this wonderful life of mine. “Growing Up” so healthlily. ROFL!!! You get it?


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