Audrey’s Birthday~

Well, sorry for the so so so so so late update again. It’s been a month. I’ll just dump in photos and captions to chase up okay. First of all we’ll talk about miss Audrey’s 21st Surprise Birthday.
I’ve been planning for this with Miss Evelyn (Audrey’s Eldest Sis) :: Actually it’s her idea for this surprise.
Everything went on very well, Audrey was very happy, and we took a lot of photos. Sorry no time for editing, new term just started. And here you are… photos ::

OH MY GOD !!!                

3 monkeys taking picture . . . .                              Erm… What’s Danson doing behind my back ?

Looking at Danson praying . . .                                                                  +:: H e l l o :: +

Sam & Jenn                                                                                      Audrey’s Family

These are all my Little Bro’s n Sisters :p                                      A group of leng luiz…

Everyone who came for Audrey’s B’day                       erm . . . ?_?

FAMILY Portrait with the Birthday Girl . . .Happy 21 year “OLD” AUDREY !!! Hahahaha…

Mini Sticker Photos @ 1U

Due to Advertising assignment purpose, we have to take photos of billboards, so …. Caryn ajak me out one day to go 1U suan bian acc her buy shoe… Had quite a lot of fun, taking photos of the banners in 1U and also Bunny wanted to take sticker photos, so urm…. since I’ve only taken once… wanted to have fun take the second time.
I came across a poster on the wall writen Kimono free for us to choose and wear during weekdays, but we have to pay RM5 on weekends and public holidays. So… since it’s my first time, so we tried that one
I lazy to edit, so I copy this pic from caryn’s xanga . . . paiseh neh…

                                                                                                     & also Rynz

Batch 55 Outbound camp at ISI RIMBA, Setapak 3rd – 5th January 2008

And yeah… during the short term break, I came back on the 2nd and went for a camp with the 55 batch at Setapak. The place was called Isi Rimba. Have anyone of you heard about it? There, I have a lot of fun, learning to be more independent, if I am lost in the jungle at the middle of the night, or I am to survive a lone, now I get to know a little bit more about it. The 3 days 2 nights stay was a very memorable although tough time for me, but honestly I learn a lot of new stuff. Thanks guys, and may god bless everyone of you with joy and good health in this 2008 year.


Anjoey, sam & Bunny (Group 3)

I only have 1 so you can see more of it at the official 55 Batch Blog

ISI Rimba Pics Pt.1
ISI Rimba Pics Pt.2
ISI Rimba Pics Pt.3
ISI Rimba Pics Pt.4

Well, thats all I guess, all the best to everyone, looking forward to seeing you all again soon . . .


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