Comic Fiesta 2007

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Have you heard about the Comic Fiesta 2007 which is hold in Times Square this year on the past Saturday and Sunday? Well, It’s my first time visiting Comic Fiesta and my first time as a staff/helper there.
Although it’s tiring, I met loads of new friends there, tall, short and also those with weird costumes.

Well, I am glad that I actually went and help out, their team spirit was supra. And all of them are talented young teenagers, for parents, I would recommend you to encourage your kids if they like cosplaying. At least this is a healthy activity, and it will be on every year end. There you can see teenagers, not only teenagers but mostly teens, all around Malaysia and also from Singapore, gather up and show out their talents.

Talk less, and photos time . . .

uploading photos in progress. . .

my senior @ college .. . Yian May

Me & Rachel

Cosplays . . .


Sorry for the very very late upadate. More great news coming around~


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