Photo-shOOting :: GOTHIC

Well, this is our final project, I’ve been really getting busier recently.
Don’t really want to write much, just a little update for my friends out there.
Here are some shots taken

Concept : Gothic
Model : Mr. Kian Ming
            Ms. Chloe Chai
Location : Petaling Street (old buildings)
Date : 2nd December 2007

Before the real shot at Christopher’s Studio :


when everyone at petaling street saw us ( the models ) some shouted “GUAI AR~ (ghost), some blowed vistle… “

Kian Ming the male model

Chloe the one who keep on saying she’s not the professional (not bad for first try)

Couple shots

Nice hairdo by our hairstylist : Chris Chung

When Chloe took this picture, one guy in a Volvo horn and wave at her . . .
Hahahaha… some aunty say “hou leng ah” even one little girl waved at chloe.

Thinking of someone . . .

After the photo shoot ended around 5.30pm. We have a final shot with the make-up artist Jynnie & Chris the hairstylist. Everyone had a great time although everyone was tired.

Mr & Mrs Gothic Reach the Destination…

Behind the scene…
back at christopher’s studio . . .

Look at this 2.
Chloe is used to putting make up, but poor Kian Ming, his eyes kept blinking, took quite a long time to finish the make up for him. Well, he’s not bad for a begineer (quote from the make-up artist)


Chloe mama and Chris lui lui


Amber Ming  Not Amber Cheah. 100 times more leng lui than Amber Cheah

DSC_0169 (Medium).JPG

The EGYPT duck ( not Pecking Duck ) :: just jk KM~

DSC_0168 (Medium).JPG

Er…. This should be X block style ?

DSC_0174 (Medium).JPG

And finally the “NAH ” style!!

hope everyone enjoyed and like these photos, I’m not too professional, but this is the best that I can take.
more updates coming aronud…

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