The Cheating of Hong Kong Lucky Draw Scam!

Well, I don’t really feel like writing what happened here, but you can see this guy’s blog, where the situation is the same just that the company who called me was Venice Travel Agency, saying that I’ve won 50, 000 (RM). Well, think about it. Who on EARTH will give you money? I am grateful enough for my parents to pay that much for me to spend. I don’t really need that money, but if he really want to give me some extra allowance, why NOT take ?
Well, Mr Kenny Sia here went through the whole process and at the same time he enjoyed himself, having fun cheating on that guy as well. THUMBS UP! to MR Kenny Sia. Hahaha… I stopped at the part where the chinese spoken guy called me and gave me a pin to claim my gift from the Hong Kong Bank and he asked me to call back to Hong Kong to confirm. I am not really stupid lah okay, I went back home and check. I was supposed to attend the function at Sungei Wang yesterday 22nd November but I have to miss it. ( I wasn’t planning on going either ), but after looking at the SungeiWang Plaza Website , there is no such thing for that function. Then, the suspicious feeling was gone. Now I confirm that he’s a liar, but at first, I wasn’t sure. Only 50%. And after I told G about it, and he linked me to Mr Kenny Sia’s blog. That even make me more lucky. The next minute that China guy called again, I didn’t pick up. So I assume he knows that I’ve already know he is cheating?
Dear friends, please be careful not to get cheated. If there is really someone who is that good who wants to give you money, just take it!, but not going through so many things, if he asks you to deposit, ask him to “FUCK OFF!!” Haha… read Kenny Sia’s post and you’ll understand what I mean.
Here are the numbers he called me to call in order to claim my prize.

Here’s the LINK :: Cheated By The Hong Kong Lucky Draw Scam

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