6 hours date with Neo :)

Haha… not 6 hours date la, just went out for 6 hours with her. Chris went with me. After our delicious lunch at Mahanthan Fish Market, we left from Sunway Pyramid bus station around 3pm. Reached Kelana Jaya LRT Station, and hopped into the LRT. Reached the second last station “Wangsa Maju” around 4 something to 5pm. After Neo picked us up, we went for a drink while waiting for Jynn to arrive. Which I told her to meet up around 6pm, but we reached early. Hehe…
(before that, we got lucky draw and won a bag pack from DIGI centre)

After picking Jynn up, we set off to our destination, which was to have a look at the “Eye On Malaysia” Well, not planning to get the stupid ride, as it takes a very long time to finish that dumb ride. So we just took some photos and ran around, had some fun, sweat a little bit, bought an ice-cream each and set off to our next stop.
Well, Neo took us to one place, and had our dinner, had some “Cha Kuey Teow”, yam with pork, soup, rice… etc. Just too many to be listed. After that full dinner, we’ve decided to have a walk, and while we were walking, we came across a shop. First Neo suggested to go play Snooker, but I don’t really like that, so I wanted to try Archery instead. Well, only RM5 for 1 dozen of the arrows. Plus they also teach you how to use the tools. First experience, although my hand was painful, but I really had some fun.

Chris didn’t play, just sat at the side and cheered for us, Jynn scored the highest by getting 68 points, me second with 57 and Neo with 54. We scored around the same, everyone had a great time

photos as usual . . .

Tea break~

NEO: Hey Chris, did you see the tealeaves swimming inside the pot?
CHRIS: Ya lo Ya lo… So CUTE!!!
SAM: =.=|| (mwahahaha)

This is how LAZY people Drink TEA~

What a relaxing way to enjoy tea after a hard day’s work.

Eye On Malaysia

Water, wee~. . .

Did you see any eye on Malaysia here? I don’t see any eye. . .


A ghost was seen wandering around there, please beware, this is captured by a highly professional SIFU~

The Watermelon Poh and Roti Planta who always like to fight…

Neo and his Mum Jynn

Happy faces, Happy Smiles ^^

Is NEO trying to save Jynn or is she pushing her?
Jynn on the other hand wants to give revenge. Bwahahaha!!

Chris back to her USUAL JOB “Kidnapping Babies” with her friendly face

From left: NEO ~ Jynn ~ Chris (all acting CUTE !!)


Sorry the monky goyang terlalu banyak. And there is 2 little monkeys laughing at the big monkey. Wakakakaka….

Yup, NEO NEVER eat Ice-Cream before, thats why she’s so happy. And The 2 ice-cream is mine (yam flavour) and Chris’s Rainbow flavour.


The 3 noobs, POSING . . . I really looked very LAN SI!!! Jynn and Neo SmilE

Jynn was scratching her head while the trainer was lecturing us. What a funny sight . . .

The one who scratched the most won

The 3… 3…. er… 3 of us after we finished the game…

Thanks for sending us home NEO, we’re planning for another try next week. Well, can’t wait. Hehe… hope I can scorer higher this time.

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