Stressing month . . .


So…. I am always late at blogging. . . so I’ve decided to skip those that I miss, I have short term memory so it’s hard for me to recall what I’ve done for the past few days. So urm…. let’s talk about today’s Photo Shooting Session at my college’s Photo Studio. Well, we have 4 models for our class, 1 malay girl, Charlotte, Lee Ming and Yu Yang. Well, since Lee Ming was the first one set up for shooting, I chose to shoot her as I don’t want to wait for other models, I want to leave a.s.a.p. So I did, finished around 2.30 and left for lunch. Since Bunny is not free, so I had lunch alone at Dellifrance. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been there, and I didn’t know the food there was so expensive (yet not gigantic meals), but It’s still satisfy my tummy. After lunch, I went home and somehow I fainted.
 Somehow slept and woke up around 7.30, since Bunny have to finish up her work, I didn’t disturb her and cook my own dinner at home. Had some porridge and it tasted as good as ever. Well, nothing happened much, just that work is piling up, since final is reaching.

Good luck to all my dear friends, hope we keep in touch. Sorry to those that I did not reaply. It doesn’t mean that I ignore you, it’s just that I am in class / not available to pick up your call. Sorry guys and I hope yu understand. Well, till christmas’s holiday. Everyone please take care~

Photos as usual ::

my lunch 🙂

photos for photo-shoting that I’ve chosen to submit.
Look at Lee Ming

so urm… what do you think ? Some of my friend say it looks similar to the “Yu Heng Album” was it happy day? I am not so sure… but erm… This pictures shows her look the most natural way. The rest of it looks more… uncomfortable.

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