THE SHIP ~~~______/~~~


Muahahaha… sorry for not updating again…

well, yesterday Pui San and Jynn came over to my house and guess what, they slept here as well It’s such a long time since I met them back and this is the first time I have friends sleeping over. Well, we had dinner at Kim Gary last night, and had a movie at 11.30p.m. Watched Bee Movie, okay lah… overall; but yet still can’t beat Pixar Animations. Way to go . . . .

4 leng luiz, posing in Kim Gary (from left: Bunny, Pui San, Jynn & Chris) :: Photographer = me!

Well, let’s move to the main point now, we had breakfast or consider Brunch at Ba Ku Teh today, the one at SS14 where Jay Chou visited. I forgot to jot down the name Well, after that, we went back home and rested. Pui San had to go work at her brother’s shop as today is a Public Holiday, so she need to help out at her brother’s shop, as there would be a lot of people visiting “Sabi Wasabi” if not mistaken the name.

After we had a short nap, I woke up around 4.50pm and prepared myself, Chris & Tony came and picked us up around 5.10pm. Then, we picked Bunny up and set off to the place “The Ship” which is at Bukit Bintang.
The place was really great, just a little disappointed coz the food served there were indeed Delicious, but it doesn’t make me FULL Well, Michael was late, so after we finished, we headed to Jalan Alor to have some “chapalang” food. Michael had a plate of “Fried Dai Look Mee” hehe…. and each of us tried SaiMei Lou. Me and Bunny tried the Mango while Chris and Jynn tried the Honey Dew.

After that we had a little walk around BB Plaza and we headed home after that.
Here are some photos . . . .as usual, and as promissed.

Jynn & Sam . . . yee

Bunny’s Sizzling Chicken. VERY NICE!!!

Butter chicken that I ordered, when the guy served me, he cut the center part of the chicken, and the butter flow out…. SUGOIneh~

Chris’s RAW MEAT!!! O_o no lar, it’s cooing…

Two cute Babies

Chris is saying, SEDAP to her brother, Kelvin

Ah… my glass of sour Lime juice

Jynn enjoying her soup

Salad . . .

Table Setting…

The couple

Our Driver :: Tony~ Domo Arigatou

Jynn & Chris

Mango SaiMeiLou

tak sabar nak makan le tu…

I’m very happy, mum & dad gave me money to get myself a second hand
DSLR which was NIKON D70, although it’s been 2 years, but it’s still
brand new. Bought it for RM1650. Thanks mum & Dad

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