What a week . . .


I’ve been sick since Sunday, not really feeling well, but due to friend’s pursue to update my blog as soon as possible. Here goes…

Well, a lot happened. And I don’t plan to write everything out, so I’ll go straight to the hottest topic of my past week.

Yup, on the 16th, it’s Bunny’s Birthday and I want to Thank Bunny for inviting me to her Birthday Dinner held at Pyramid Tower. Thanks yeah, she had her own budget, so she only called those who were really close to her.
Without talking much, I’ll go straight to the photos

16th October . . . around 6.30pm

the leng luiz all make-up-ing while me, marcus, danson & Neo stared As if Bridegroom waiting for the Bride.
The leng luiz involved in make-up are Caiyan, Chris, Bunny and Audrey . . .

set off to Pyramid Tower around 7.00pm.

photographer stand by . . .

I bought flowers for Bunny, hope she likes it. Started taking photos with Danson, oppss… got a kiss from Dan, Neo . . . almost all of them gave Bunny a kiss.

Dan & Bunny

Neo & Bunny

Audrey & Bunny

Bunny with flower

LTD . . Laugh to death

Ice cream for Neo & me and also Bunnny’s Bunny Cake

Me and Sot-sis Chris, and my sis-in-law Caiyan

SPL 3, catch the sneak preview this coming 30th Fevruary 2008

Wah… I have 4 wives

sweet sweet

Famous artists taking photos

Big bro + sis-in-law + Sot sister

well, I regret to tell you all that I have exceeded 100mb of upload for this month… so just wait a few days more, the rest will be up
Hope Bunny had a great time and thanks for spending us. Big BIg girl already, welcome to the 20’s. LOL

take care and updates will be coming around…

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