9 Wong Yeh Festival


Have you ever heard of this festival? It’s celebrated by Chinese,
but let me tell you, majority of them don’t or I can say have never heard about
this festival.

It’s celebrated once annually which falls in the month of
September (Chinese lunar calendar) which lasts for 9 days. Most famous places
celebrating this festivals are Penang, Ampang, KL, and also Ipoh, Perak. Special foods to represent this
festival are Tortoise bun which is called “Mi Ku or Wu Kuai Bao” in Cantonese.
Well, I celebrate this festival every year. Last year, I bought a big Mi Ku for
rYnz for her birthday as a cake, as cake is always boring. Wanted to try
something new. Use bread to replace cake, it’s healthy and yummy. Well, this
year, I can’t bring that much back, plus rYnz’s birthday isn’t around the
corner yet. So hmm…. No more bao this year for her birthday.

I had to make a decision 2 weeks earlier weather to attend
the Corporate Identity lesson on the 12th or not as I need to get
the bus ticket earlier. It’s Raya on the 13th till the 15th.
Well, not to say Raya for 3 days, it’s holidays for us. 3 days holidays for us
only… Everyone would be rushing to go back for this holiday as other colleges
and universities have break as well. I’ve made my decision not to go for CI
class as it would be terribly jam on the 12th, which is on Friday,
so I bought a ticket for Thursday, the 11th. Well, everything seemed
fine, no Jam.


11th October; Thursday

Woke up at 8.50 am and rushed my life as I’ve promised Bunny
to meet her for breakfast at Kim Gary. Called her and apologized as I would be
late, and met her with her friend there around 9.20. Sorry . . . Had our
breakfast, chatted and left around 10.30am. Sent her friend to the bus stop and
Bunny accompanied me over the bridge to take my Shuttle bus to Puduraya. Hugged
goodbye and she left back to PJS 9. She would be returning to TI on Friday as
she couldn’t get the Thursday’s ticket.

I reached Puduraya around 12pm and sped towards the counter
where I purchased my ticket. I guessed it, I have to take my bus at Perhentian
Duta as festive season would cause the city in disaster. LOL, I mean the jam. I
quickly rushed towards the main entrance and grabbed a bus to Perhentian Duta.
Reached there around 12.20pm and waited

for my 1pm bus to arrive.

Well, the bus
arrived sharp at 1 and I reach Ipoh
around 4.30pm. Thanks to the Indian driver who wasted my time enjoying his
sweet time slowly. Dad picked me up and I accompanied him for dinner. Reached
home around 5.40pm, took my bath and rushed out to pick up SW and also Syikin.
Syikin wanted to treat us as she thought she would be leaving for college soon
after her SPM examination and so do SW. She would be going to Singapore to
further her studies. I’ll be missing them . . .

SW… always look cool

Syikin… the leng lui

We had our delicious dinner at Moven Peak,
Greentown. Thanks syikin, for the delicious dinner. And sorry to G for some
misunderstandings, that led him to having Maggie mee noodles alone at home. So
sorry yea . . .

After that, I send SW home and invited G for a drink. Since
I made him sad so I let him decide where he wanted to go. He wanted to go to
McD, so we did. Dropped by McD and had a cup of Milo
while Syikin and G had Cone Sundae. Hehe… Well, we had a little chat and it’s
time to go home. I send Syikin home first and next was G. Well, reached home
around 11? I wasn’t sure. I can’t remember what I did after that, but I slept
quite late, so urm… that’s all for Thursday.

the Chicken Chop SW ordered

This is my LAME CHOP

12th October; Friday

I’ve told my friends, that I won’t be going out as I feel
bad for leaving dad alone on Thursday, so I’ve decided to stay home and
accompany him. Well, how lousy me, I slept almost half of the day . . . =.=||
OK~ I’m sorry. I disappoint him again. Haha! Well, Neo called and invited me to
go to the night market, so I did go with her as it’s near. She brought along 2
of her college mates. Nice and friendly funny friends. Well, she picked me up
around 7.40pm and we went walking and eating at the night market near my place,
the First Garden Pasar Malam and we went to Billion, in Silibin to get some
stationary. After that, we saw a lot of Malay Stalls selling Firecrackers. So
we bought some :p

Rushed home and played for about 20 minutes? Everything’s
finish just like that. RM6 for 5 different Items. Well, Neo left with her friends
around 10.50pm and . . .  I forgot what I
did next… so erm… Good Night.

Various types of fruits placed, what do you prefer? You cna mix the fruits . . .

Kao Zhi… nice ones, smell good, but I didn’t taste it. Ask NEO 😛

enjoying themselves playing the firecrackers

13th October, Saturday

I woke up around 8am today, feeling happy as we will be
having a small gathering with my secondary friends. Went to have a light
breakfast with dad and mum and drove myself to Green Town Corner, the place
where we agreed to meet. I was too early, we promised to meet there at 11 am,
sharp, but I reached there at 10.36am. My wrong, I was always scared that I
would be late, so I always reach early. Like most of the teenagers, they are
always late, so I waited patiently for them to reach. Slowly, one by one turn
up, first Neo, Angie, Joanne, Siew Ooi, Kacee, Siong Yi & Sam and finally G
who dropped by to pick up some stuff and set off for his Cameron Biking Adventure.

After the breakfast, we headed to Ipoh Parade and planned
for a movie, but sadly, all was Malay movie showing as it was the first day of
Raya. L
. Well, we went to K Box instead and sang until 5pm. Everyone had a great time.
Thanks everyone for coming. Most of them were unable to come, so I’m planning
another one this coming Sunday, the 21st. hehe… can’t wait to meet
the rest.


So I went back and had my dinner, Wai and sis-in-law is
home, and they brought good news, sis-in-law is pregnant for 4 months and she
doesn’t even know it until Wai suspects she’s getting fatter. Wahahaha…
congratulations and thanks for the good surprise and thanks for bringing smile
to dad and mum’s face again. They’ve been feeling lonely after Micole left back
to Miri with her parents. Anyway, looking forward for another niece / nephew?

my brother… getting skinnier 😦

After dinner, dad chatted with Wai while I watch Family Guy
in the Music Room, sis-in-law was tired so she went to bed early, we went to
the Tow Boo Keong temple to pray around 11pm. It was really crowded in there,
thank god everyone still have the heart to god and went there to pray. Well,
although they don’t know what is the point of doing that, but atleast, they are
praying for good. I can barely see, all the smokes made me cry and I can barely
breathe as well. Well, after that, we had supper at the stalls behind the
temple and went home around 12. Went to bed quite early as I was really

14th October; Sunday

Woke up around 9am? Everyone was tired, and we went for our
breakfast around 10.30am. After our breakfast, we went home and sat chit
chatting. Well, mum told me Aunt Sharon bought us some Lean Ham, so I’ve
decided to try some new menu. I fried some eggs and also the lean hams. Steamed
the “Mi Ku” and cut it into half, applied some butter and fried the bread which
was applied with butter. Then, I put 2 slice of ham and also the egg in the
middle with some ketchup. Everyone enjoyed it, well, it tasted nice .

Wai and sis-in-law left around 2 and I went to visit grandma
which was ill. She was sleeping so I didn’t woke her, then I went and met up
with my cousins who just came back this morning from Singapore to celebrate the
festival as well. We chatted and have our dinner at “Shatin Court”, next we sent Gregory home
and headed to Jaya Jusco to shop for some stuff. After that, Keisha sent me
home and they left.

15th October; Monday

Woke up at 8am today as dad wanted me to make the “Mi Ku”
burger again. Prepared everything and cooked breakfast. Well, everything came
out to be GIGANTICly Enormous. Wahahahaha…. Dad’s eye was O_o when he saw that.

dad’s Gigantic MiKU burger 😀

Well, I’m going to off now and pack my stuff before I miss my bus going back to
KL at 2pm. By the way, I heard from Caiyan that whenever I go to gym, I need to
wear sport bra in order to keep my breast in good condition, preventing it to
drop down. So I bought one which I saw nice and the color suited my taste at
Jusco yesterday. And here’s the shirt I bought to be worn to Bunny’s birthday.

a necklace I bought for myself “S” sam & sw

Well, these few days were really challenging and I had a lot
of fun. Hope the days coming would be more fun.

Interesting updates coming soon . . .

Stay tuned 😀

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