tough times…


Sometimes, I don’t know why I am born female and sometimes, I hate to be one. Why do I have to go through those PMS times….
I used to have problems with this, got my first when I was standard 5, and it somehow stopped coming when I was form 4. Stopped for 1 and half years… After I told mum, she was worried so took me to a specialist. After checking, he said it was due to stress, gave me medicine and it came back at once after 2 days. And after 3 months, it stopped again. I asked mum, she say it was normal, so I never really bothered. Then it stopped till last year, I don’t really remember when, came back once and again it stopped. And my last time was July 2007 and till yesterday, somehow it burst like water logy.
I can’t stand the heavy flow and started feeling dizzy. I’ve never had this much flow like last time, I took a friend’s advice to see the doctor again later to double check my problem. Anyway, just felt like blogging as I don’t really blog that regularly nowadays.
Well, going to rest in bed, will keep on updating. I want to thank all my friends who stretch out to help, I am fine thank you. Missing everyone around me always… see you around~

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