Missing in action . . .

First of all, I want to apologize to everyone for failing on updating my blog. There were too many things happened for the past month till now. The happy and sad times, what I can do I’ll try to share everything out and thanks for those who visited here so often just to spend time reading my blog.

    Well, I want to say sorry to everyone for what bad things that I’ve done, I want them to forgive me if I did not write anything about them, this doesn’t mean that I forget you, actually, I really have a problem with myself, I’ve been forgetting things nowdays. Please forgive me and I really feel bad on it. I will work harder on remembering things. Friends of mine said its good to forget things, but I don’t want to forget the happy thoughts, I want them to be carved in my head forever. Thats why I need to write everything down, so that I can keep remind myself how precious everyone around me is to me.

    Just few months more, she’ll be leaving. I might not be seeing her… Well, not forever, just for some time. CHEER UP OKAY~ I’ve been busy recently, going for meetings, lessons, finishing up my pile of assignments, going back to Ipoh almost every weekend, spend some time doing work out at the gym. Everyday when I get back, I would be too deadly tired to blog. Well, it is a must I told myself. Do it like an assignment as you always do. Make it a habit. I told myself. Well, first thing I want to say is “THANK YOU MUM”. Without you, I am really nobody. Without your help, I would never go through every tough times in my life. Without your care, I wouldn’t be healthy, without your money, I couldn’t have survived, without your advice, I would have ended up doing something bad or maybe ended up in jail, without you, I’ve been a BAD GIRL. Without you, I can’t be sitting here, pushing myself going through college. You might think I just “bla bla” it out, but I really want to let her know what I am feeling now. I really hope she can read this, sometimes, it’s really hard to say it out.

    I don’t know how to say it, but I can tell you, I really feel very lucky having her as my mum. Although some people out there talked bad behind my back, saying that I am adopted, saying that I am not my mum’s real daughter, saying that I was picked up from the rubbish dump as the distance between me and my brothers is way too far. I don’t mind at all what others say. In other point of view, I want to thank her, thank her for picking me up, thank that person for saying that, she helped me realize how important my mum is to me, how lucky I am to have her, how well she have taking care of me, how much love she’s given to me. And I can tell you that, that person is Definitely JEALOUS of me having such a good mum. Well, thanks to mum, whenever I need something, she would try to give it to me, but not always, sometimes those things that she think I do not need and its unnecessary, she’ll tell me why I shouldn’t buy it, and why she don’t allow me to buy it. I am always happy with her explanation and reason. Thanks to her, I’ve grow up to be a better person, not more than less, my dad as well. Well, sometimes, family problems mostly are kept secret. I can’t really say it out, but try to look at the better side. Whenever bad things happen, there is always balance. Good things will also happen. No one is born bad luck. Try to stay happy ok. I want to quote this to all my friends around the world. Especially those who are reading this.

    Last week, we had a small gathering, organized by me of course. I’ve been feeling so bad for missing Neo, my best friend since 14 for missing her birthday celebration for the past 2 years, so I told myself, I must pay back what I’ve missed. I planned to throw a small party and give her a surprise that I hope will make her happy. Well, everyone is no longer in Ipoh, so it’s kinda hard to celebrate it in Ipoh. Most of them moved to KL to further their studies. Well, so I start messaging everyone who is available, together, we kept the secret to surprise Neo. I date Neo out on the 21st of September, which was already 1 week past her birthday. Pretended that me, Jeannie and Pui San who wants to date her and have a dinner with her. At the mean time, I’ve called Kacee, Siew Ooi, Yoke Hing, Chris, Tony, Marcus, Caiyan, Bunny, myself, Jeannie (she was supposed to turn up but she ended up with personal problem to be settled, so she missed it), Seow Yann, and Joey but both have class so they couldn’t make it. Together, we really gave Neo a surprise. I really hope you are happy Neo. We had dinner at 1 Utama’s Fish & Co. And together, we had a great time, eating, chatting, taking photos, and the best part, sharing the cake that we bought. Thanks guys for showing up and making my plan such a success. Well, Neo is always there for me, always good to me, always listen to me whenever I speak, and always the one to let me scold for doing mistakes. I am really happy that I have met her. And I am very grateful to god for giving her to me. I hope our Friendship lasts forever. Although we don’t really meet that often, but our friendship & relationship to each other is always 100%.

here are some photos, I am sure everyone had their great time.

This is SAM & NEO – Best Friends Forever

Illustrator presenting a gift to the Birthday Girl~

Posing and trying to Lick Neo’s Face (MY TONGUE IS SO SHORT!!!)

Pretties, Pretties, and Pretties . . .

Yo… sway side by side….

Here’s a nice line…. do you know what it is ? It’s TRAFFIC LIGHT!! “Hoong Lui Deng

This is another one, with our STAR* WANG LEE HOM “yellow, green, red) Wakakaka, get the joke?

Tony is so shy…. Neo ok lah… Chris is tired…
And then, we shoot shoot shoot till my camera no battery and photos start to get blur… wakakakak

They are always the happy couple…. THE BELOW PICTURE…

Family Photo…

Neo is promoting a cake, want to try the new flavour cake?

cut cut cut . . .

Okay, stop Yapping talking and start eating…. Yum yum . . .

Neo is showing off her present again . . .

alah alah… show off lah… alah… an gugu….

Everyone made new friends, my college friends made new friends with my Ipoh friends, everyone kept hugging and taking photos, exchanging phone numbers, and having a great time. Here are some couple shots that I got….

but somehow…

I still prefer this more…

have you watch Jay Chou’s Secret ?

The movie that he directed himself ?

No ?

Yes ?

Well, I love the movie very much. . .

If you’ve watched it, GOOD, If not, it’s okay. Cos this photo taken below….

Is captured from that scene

sorry the server is down . . .

loading. 20%
loading.. 40%
loading… 60%
loading…. 70%
loading….. 88%


                                              Directed by samDaiKor,

                                             a samDaiKor Production.
           Filling up the love in cinema’s Nationwide December 32nd.

and finally, hope everyone enjoyed themselves, updates coming soon . . .

p/s: Thanks mum for buying me a laptop. See you guys around.

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