update time :)

Sorry, it’s been so long since I’ve updated. Okay, start from the latest to the last week’s happenings…
Hmm…. well, I’m in Ipoh now, enjoying or not enjoying my holidays. Or I can say, appreciating my last long holidays. Well, just came back from KL yesterday, went back on Sunday to resit for my SEA paper. Option to Progress, have to pay 200 for that stupid paper. Well, everything was fun, before that, I went to Audrey’s house on Saturday, very nice place, had BBQ. And very nice house. LOVE IT. I don’t feel like typing too much, as I’m not at home, can’t spend my sweet time typing, I’m in CC now.
Well, I’ll cut short with uploading photos.

Aunty making rojak :p

Left pic is Audrey’s dad plucking coconut, the one on the right is Audrey while I stood and watch 😀

This is a very comfy bed. My first time sleeping in a friend’s house, and with my friend in a room on my own bed 😀

Back then, went out one night with G as I was so freaking boring, nothing to do. Saw quite some people queue up in front of a shop, so we figured that it might be nice, so we went in. The style of their serving is so much like Kim Gary, and the menu and the dishes is quite similar as well. Since G didn’t prefer to be seen in real, so I kind of vectorize it. I find the lemon honey drink quite interesting, so I took a photo of it.

23rd, the BIG DAY for the TWINS

I was kinda puzzled where to bring them, and what surprise to give to them, so AHA! Since me myself and them have not visited the IPOH’s Sunway Lagoon or known as the “LOST WORLD”, so I’ve asked permission from their parents to bring them out on this special day. This year might be my last year celebrating with them as they are leaving to further their studies elsewhere next year after finishing their high school. So I picked them up around 12, dragged their close friend, Asyikin as well so we set off.
It was kind of disappointing for me, as I’ve expected more, Sunway Lagoon in Bandar Sunway is way far more fun than this. Well, nvm, hope they enjoyed it, and oh yeah, it was SUPER CROWDED with people.

They really looked gorgeous. And cute

Hope they enjoyed themselves.
    After that, everyone got hungry, so we had dunner/lunch at Pizza Hut, Jusco. I send everyone home after that.

Oh, another good news, I’ve passed my Publication Design, and this is my magazine cover. Long way to go…
Well, I’ll keep updating. Happy holidays to everyone, and I felt bad for those AD551 and 552 classmates, as they have to extend their lessons till the end of the break, means no holiday for them. Anyway, all the best to you my friends. Keep rockin`

looking forward to seeing you guys soon

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