Only few more days left, finish this mess up and I’m free from this term. And I will have my 3 weeks of break. Can breathe and sleep for sure.

Well, I was looking at rYnz’s blog, and I’ve got TAGGED!!
I’ve never really believed in this sort of stuff, and those chain letters, they don’t really work tough, but I sort of felt bored, so I want to try and play with this TAGGED thing.

here goes…

The Four Meme

Four jobs I have had in my life:
– Being born to this EARTH to pay up my past debts.
– A daughter of my parents
– Work as chef and cooked for 80 over students at a tuition centre for 1 month +
– Teaching Taekwondo and Computer at my Secondary school & Tuition centre

Four places I have lived:
– Ipoh, my hometown where my home is
– PJ, the place where I am staying now
– KL, Aunt Sharon & My Dad’s own apartment in Pandan Indah
– Pg, my brother’s house.

Four places I have been on vacation:
– China (when I was 10)
– Singapore (when I was 6)
– Malaysia (when I was born to this world)
– Malaysia (part of it, not all I’ve been yet. )

Four of my favorite foods:
– My mum’s dishes
– Anything that I cook / invent
– My grandma’s dishes
– Aunt Sharon’s CAKES!!!

Four places I would rather be right now:
– with someone…
– out of this world
– BED (wishes I would NEVER wake up in my sleep)

Four friends I would like to tag:
– No one
– No one
– No one
No one (None of you as I want this TAGGED thing to stop!, if you want to, you can start tagging yourself then )

here’s a video that I record during my trip back to IPOH last week.
This is Micole, she’s started walking but she’s still afraid to walk without holding on something. Probably she fell down before or something. But this is really funny and she’s really cute.
For your information, she’s only 1 year and 4 months old Enjoy

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