IPOH, Always the BEST place~

9th August 2007
This week is our last week at TOA. Then, we’ll have 3 weeks holiday. First was supposed to be 2 but ended up they extend another 1 week due to the change of plans next semester. Trimester starts next semester. 2 long semester and 1 short one. Well, I received a message from rYnz regarding Friday’s class being canceled, I was very angry at first, as I wanted to end this mess quickly and enjoy my holidays. Well, somehow, she told me later on after I’ve made my plan to go back to Ipoh to give my mum a surprise. rYnz told me class replace on Saturday. Very very angry, I told rYnz that I am not going to attend the class, I plan to finish the work and ask rYnz to help me pass to Leon for critique. So I spend my whole day doing work. I told Neo that I will go to her place at night so that I can follow her car back on Friday. rYnz told me that Saturday’s class was canceled AGAIN. So, lucky and happy. Marcus helped me up with my story board, and he was so good in drawing. Hahaha… Illustration student, of course he is. We were having dinner together with Chris at Ba Ku Teh. Then I set off to Kelana Jaya LRT station. I stopped a kind Chinese Taxi Driver, he was going to go back, he said, Well, its okay to send another one. Thanks Uncle, you’re so kind. And you know what, he only charged me RM10. Others would have charged me at least RM15. Reached there, rushed to the LRT station before it shuts and I can’t go meet up with Neo, I would have to go back to PJ and sleep and go find her on the next day instead.
Well, took me more than 45 minutes to reach WangsaMaju Station as it is from the last station (kelana Jaya) to the 2nd station (WangsaMaju) which is very very very very far. Reached around 11.45 if not mistaken, called her up at SetiaWangsa and she told me she will be waiting me there. It’s been quite a time since I last met her and this is my 2nd time to go to her area, but was my first time staying at her apartment. Nice and student house like, but much more cleaner of course. Friendly housemates, and apart of that “NO PESTY LANDLORDS” staying there, as that house is Neo’s dad’s. She’s the boss. I told her to rest as I still have to finished up my work. Caiyan on the other hand called me up and asked me where I was, I was so touched. She was scared that I got kidnapped or raped Thanks a lot. Meeting up with all of you is the best gift that god gave me. I would do anything in order to see my friends happy. So let me know if you’ve needed one. I’ll always try my best to help. “Try Me”.


Marcus Sifu demonstrating how to use a square pencil to draw. Thanks a lot pal

10th August 2007
Woke up at 10am. Couldn’t sleep any longer, maybe I wasn’t used to sleeping on a double-decker bed, Neo slept on top, haha… good experience tough. I wanna try the top one next time. Slept at 3. Was kinda tired, but still its’s enough for me. Packed my stuff and took my bath. After that, me and Neo carried our stuff to the car and drove off. Went to TARC to pick up her housemate (Adelyne). Went for our breakfast. Had some nice food of course.


Adelyne and Neo both busy doing their stuff, one busy sms-ing, while another was starving badly.
Have you ever tasted Ice-Kacang (merah) lol… nice nice nice
beside is LOH MI (yum yum…..)

Cha Kueh. Beside it is “Shen Xia Chao Mian” Prawn fried noodles?

Well, after that, we set off back to Ipoh of course, Neo’s the driver, I on the other hand took my golden opportunity to finish up my Harry Potter book, due to the business, I have delaed reading this for almost 2 week. Finally I still left around 50 pages. Reached around 4pm, rest for a while and went to Kelly, to have my hair cut. Now it’s cooling yeah.
nothing much happened, I continue to finish my assignments throughout the night till around 2am.

11th August 2007
Mum woke me up, I jumped out off bed at 7am, took my bath and zoomed to school. wee~ me and my beloved car again. Reached school around 7.30? not sure about the time, went for Taekwondo class as usual. I wouldn’t miss it whenever I am back, I will sure attend it. Saw a lot of students, and of course, my mui. Training are less torturing like those days, but I couldn’t stand it. Maybe it’s because I stopped quite a time. Sir didn’t knew Neo took her black belt test. Hehe… I forced her to come show off. kakaka… nice ward, but sorry, forgot to take photos. Well, after class, I drove Neo (leaving her car at school so we won’t be wasting petrol) and went to G’s house. Picked them up as well and set off to Jusco. It was so early, it was only 10.30 when we reach there. Loads and loads of parking space, I can even drift in there, but G adviced not to. I was joking Bought Simpsons movie ticket and went to food court to have our breakfast. G and Si already had theirs, so they only sat and watch us eat. I somehow stopped as the porridge tasted to badly. Too salty. After a while of chit chat, we went to the cinema. After it ended, I send G and Si home as we need to go back and rest for our Night plan
On reaching home, had a little nap and woke up at 4. Took my bath and drove my beloved car out to the OldTown. Parked my car in front of Steven’s and waiting for Neo to come. Had our dinner together and enjoyed 1 hour gaming at a CC.

When night falls, me and Neo rushed to the Padang Ipoh. She g ot 2 free tickets for the Summer Live Concert. My first time to a concert and I got the Superfans VIP ticket. Near stage Was so “Gan Jiong” Well, I can’t tell you what happened next, we sang and cheered. Thats all. If you’ve watched it live on 8TV, you would have know. It lasted for 4 hours and ended at 12 midnight. I enjoyed it very much. I’ll upload some videos so you can watch some scenes. Well, thats my weekend
Can’t wait for this coming break to come. See you soon ~


7pm. It looks like it’s going to rain. Don’t SPOIL MY FIRST TIME.
And look look, loads of people gathering up already.

Cheer Cheer~

Neo ~

Me… sampat poh first time go concert

Hope everyone enjoyed it, hehe… take care friends.

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