lunch at Jack’s Place~

You might wonder who Jack is. Haha… it’s a restaurant’s name. Well, caiyan and I agree to have lunch together after SEA class so we went around and search for food. She wanted to try out something new, and she’s desperate for chops”. LOL. So we went to Jack’s Place for lunch, set lunch RM13++ net. Well, the food there is nice, plus the environment, and the views were great as well. We had a short photo session, keke… stop talking more and enjoy the photos taken.


this was taken in SEA class with Chris

enjoying our time there taking crazy pose ©

Thinking of someone . . .

Well, we were trying to pose naturally, but I seemed to fail doing that.

After that, me and caiyan went to Giant to shop for some groceries for dinner.
And we discovered something new

Looks like oyster sause?                 And the ugly packaging of the potatoes in Giant

I told caiyan and I swore I would NEVER buy this box of chocolate and eat it. YUCK!
Anyway, another nice meal for this week. Hehe…. good day to everyone.

All Rights Reserved  ©


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