Reunion after 3 years~

It’s been 3 years, YUP, 3 solid years, since I’ve finished my form 5, my dear Lou Poh left Ipoh to Klang and work at her brother’s shop. She never contacted me, until I message her one day, there’s where we keep in touch till now. During the Chinese New Year break months back, we were supposed to meet up but due to her tight schedule, we missed the chance to meet each other. Finally today was the time after 3 long years. She’s of course more prettier than before. Hehe…. and funnier as well. I always chat with her in MSN every morning. Yeah, she always comes and disturb me, nudging me. Well, I met up with Pui Leng first at Kim Gary around 5.30pm and she bring along a pretty girl Suprina (what a unique name). She said she just finish work at Subang Parade, working as part time for the launching of something at CIMB Bank. Well, then Suprina left for an interview with her friend, so left me and Pui Leng. We chat and laughed for sometime and we were curious, why Pui San (my lou poh) hasn’t reach yet. So I called her up, she said she’s coming, so then I hang up. It was almost 6pm, I called her again and she somehow sounded like mad, she said “I am coming lah….” because of you, I went into the wrong lane and now I don’t know where I am. Huh? Whats with me? Then she called me up this time and said “Please order cold drink for me, I am hungry and thirsty”, then I said ok. She reached around 6.15pm, I couldn’t finish my plate of dinner, so I shared it with her, then we chat till around 8pm, but during that period, 2 of their friends came, so joined in another 2 guy. So total 6 of us chat there while enjoying our dinner and drink. I told san, we should get something as a souvener as we did not see each other for so long, we should buy something so that can keep in touch and remember each other in case we don’t have time to meet again in future. She agreed and so we bought something, which is a handphone keychain. Hahaha… nice one. Soon they left around 9pm as they need to work tomorrow. Take care everyone, hope to see you all again soon

Photo shots*

the table number at Kim Gary that we sit on

Pui leng the leng lui~

My lou poh….. san san

Leng  the ALONG (look at the money she’s holding)

from left : San, Leng * Sam

From left : San, Leng, Sam & Suprina

San hugging Sam (wakakakak! Don’t be jealous )

Shot of the day, Taekwondo Spirit Never Dies. I love this picture 


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