Pathetic MALAYSIA Strikes Again~

A famous rapper and singer known to be a young talent born in Muar, Johor, created few songs and posted them in Youtube. He sang out what most of us feels and thinks about this country’s government while they always try to cover everything. You might think Malaysia is a nice country. Yeah, I agree, It’s a lousy country. He has sung out the hearts of the millions and millions of people’s thoughts in Malaysia. And in today’s paper, they intend to say that he is rude and disrespecting our country. To be the first person who dares to do such a thing,  Name: “Namewee” aged 24 who is studying Mass Comm. at University of Ming Chuan, TAIWAN. I RESPECT YOU BRUDDER~

Enjoy this VIDEO that I embed from Youtube:: (the video which caught a lot of our attention)


Translation from the Malay paper “Harian Metro” 8th August 2007

The parts are underlined and numbered.

(1) IMPUDENT! (Disrespectful)

(2) Insulting the National Anthem, disrespecting the government
and touching upon the sensitivity of the Islamic community in this country.

(3) Negative views regarding Malaysia were given to the world
and these can affect the harmony and cooperation between races in the country.

(4) Defiling the customs and habits of the Malay community.

(5) He has also insulted the image of the police force by
commenting that they were corrupted and that government workers were slow and
incapable of handling clients (Otherwise incompetent).

(6) “Don’t sue me, I don’t have any money.”

(7) Sexually suggestive lyrics

(8) His songs are not only sensitive, it also belittles and
humiliates the nationalism spirit and all that the freedom fighters for this
country has gone through.

(9) Currently, the process to convict him is quite complicated
due to the fact that he is still in Taiwan.

(10) “But if he comes back, we can take actions then.”(so he
doesn’t need to come back?)



TRANSLATOR’S NOTE: Oh SHUT THE FUCK UP!! You bloody hypocrites.
What he sang in the song was true and you’re too fucking scared to admit it and
are trying to defile his name. If you’re sooooo good and thinks that he IS in
the wrong, then why the hell won’t you publish his real name?! It’s for sure
that his name is known throughout the police task force now. And why aren’t the
mainstream newspapers publishing this too? Why are malay papers the only ones
to be publishing this? It’s BRAINWASHING your own people, now isn’t that a more
serious crime than a guy singing a song which is all the facts about this
hopeless place? What are you AFRAID OF? If you want to arrest, then how about
you arrest the 40,000+ people who faved the video and commented on it? Those
are considered as “trying to break up the ‘harmony’ in this country” too. Take
all of us then! Oh by the way, if you’re going to wait for him to come back and arrest him, wait till your great great grandchildren die. Well, I can say you are very stupid to be waiting for him at the airport. LOL.

ROFLMAO. (p/s: The reader of this Malay paper is a CHINESE!!! Don’t ever think we only read chinese paper. And that you can simply manipulate the news. You are the one who said we must be educated in our “National Language” Bahasa Melayu, so, THANK YOU, TERIMA KASIH, DOMO ARIGATOU, “DOH JIEH”, “XIE XIE”, “KAM XIA”, “KRAB KHUN KRAH”!! )

Extra credit : Another wonderful creation by Namewee~ Title KawanKu



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