Monday’s class was always till late of night. Have 2 classes, one which is Advertising Campaign taught by Kins Lee and also consumer behavior by Mark Loo & Mr Low. Well, last week, we have an examination for consumer behavior, and thats it. It ended. No more consumer behavior class, but Kins seemed to know that. LOL.
Our class was usually from 2-5 (in the schedule) but it ends normally 6pm, follow up with consumer behavior 6-9pm.
Yesterday he critique our project 2 work one by one. It ended around 11pm. GOSH, he’s really a passionate lecturer. A successful and understanding lecturer. Hehehe… anyway, the class was great.
Went through the scamps and now I’m dead meat. Ended up drawing 2 story boards, for 2 TVC and 1 print AD.
O_o this is going to be a hard week.

Got a bad news and good news from college yesterday. The new government thing/policy/rule. After this 2 weeks ends, I have 1 week EXTRA of term break, so thats “yay” and the bad part is, NO MORE exploration week from next semester onwards. Which means, no break during the whole semester, everyone is going to die like that. It’s very hard, and it is tougher, no break, no air. Anyway, hope things go along nicely.

as usual, photo shots of the day*

Anyway, got this shot when I was with Chris, after she parked her car in pyramid tower. Saw this booth and there’s one security guy sleeping there. Poor guy, too tired eh. Kekeke… sorry, did not bring out my digital camera, so took it with phone, not too clear. Anyway, have a wonderful time friends

LOL, the latest dull me, sorry, sometimes I enjoy “SS”(syiok sendiri),

and another photo is taken at a KFC store behind my college, now they are opening 24 hours a day. so it means 24/7. Well, it sounds cool. Hehehe….



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