what a sleepy weekend…

Finals reaching, and the final projects deadline are just around the corner, 2 more weeks to struggle and it ends here. My life will change starting the beginning of next semester, going to separate with the others. This week is kind a moody week, temper going up and down and I’m always tired. I don’t know why. Almost every time when I want to have a little nap so that I can continue doing my work after that, I would always wake up later than the time that I estimated to get up.
Feeling tired all the time, but good thing is god is always by my side, helping me and guiding me, pushing me from the back and the one giving the most encouragement is my mui and my mum. I did something very bad yesterday, I hurt my mum very badly. I lost my temper and raised my voice. I really felt very bad, but mum was always understanding. She hung up, I knew I was going to die, but what was the good part was the acted nothing happened. When I call her up this morning, she was speaking to me as usual. Thank god for softening her heart, and I will punish myself for doing that.
She’s been asking me, I knew, she wanted me to go back, every night when she call me, she repeats the same question, are you coming back? and of course, I repeat the same answer, nope, not till end of this semester. After everything ends, I’ll go back okey? Day after day thinking, I really miss her more and more. Even my mui have been calling m these few days, since Thursday. Chat and talked a lot on the phone. Really missed her a lot as well. Miss everyone around, even my close friends, who mostly set off to their University and also private U, colleges etc. Kacee called me yesterday, she felt lonely, hasn’t meet new friends in her U it seems. I was really busy till I couldn’t really go and meet up with her, and with san as well.
Well, everyone, I am sorry. Things are going to get better, and when everything is settled, I promiss I’ll hang around with you. Life is getting tougher. Its hard. And things has been going hard for the past month, where I lost my wallet and all my other cards, and it takes me time to restore everything. Well, its 2 more weeks to go, and I’ll have a short break. Can’t wait till then. And the gym that I signed up for is opening in September, I can start build up my health then. Take care my friends, see you around

some photoshots during the week*

One day after class, me n caiyan was shopping for groceries, and here we saw something, when she was showing me, I did not realise until I thought the packaging of that “drink” was so unique.

show you this LARGE image, its a sanitary pad among the drinks, and its Orange flavour. ROFL

I went to Aunt Sharon’s place last weekend. Went out shopping with her on Sunday, took Paige out as well. She’s much more older now, and she still the same old cute talkative paige.

Paige with cute ears

I like this picture, looks like a cute doggie*

Paige says, talk to the “spoon and fork”

I love my mummy (Paige and my Aunt )

And finally, its the old ugly messy looking me hahaha… going to get my hair cut again. Soon….
coming soon, back to hometown this end of August. See ya around ~


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