Appetizer spoiled the entire meal

Well, few days ago, when I was busy doing my magazine, rYnz suddenly message me in msn and asked me about a girl called Kiwi Leong. She asked me weather she’s my sister, I say no, what about her? rYnz said she is very famous now. The usual me wouldn’t want to bother much, so I replied, so what?, and rYnz said she became famous for slapping a girl in her school, and she is from Ipoh so I wondered weather you knew her? Hahaha…. okay. rYnz attached a link in msn and I watched the clip. From where I see her profile, which is in friendster, she looks like a sweet girl, young and cute, but because of her attitude, and for the fact she being the “Big Sister” in school, it spoiled everything. Even a good looking girl, no matter how pretty you are, once you have a bad attitude, thats it.
here I attach some videos and photos so that you can enjoy the show~
They might think that its a cool thing for slapping someone, what a stupid thing to do. Well, indeed, she’s famous now. Hope her parents knows about this and I hope her parents take some action towards this. She is the best~

A link from youtube:

Interview on her during the competition she participated
:: SHINING TEENS 2007 :: ( I don’t think she shines at all)

Shining Teens Site
(Kiwi Leong’s profile and phtos)

Not to say that I’m bad, or evil. So pethatic looking at her photo, I want to show the world, let everyone know and remember this face. Well, as people always say, “Don’t Judge A Book by It’s Cover” This is freaking true.
Kiwi Leong’s Friendster Profile
(she set it private so that no one can comment about her, here’s
2 friendster profile created just for her. Critiques on photos and about here were in there. Enjoye)
Kiwi Leong Fan Profile 1
Kiwi Leong Fan Profile 2
Kiwi Leong  :: asking for forgiveness (new profile)
Well, I hope if she really feels bad and intends to change, there’s always room for forgiveness. Don’t be such a bitch next time. If you really want to change, I would be one of those who gladly be happy for you. Good luck. And all the best for facing the future.


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