I’ve got a HIGH FEVER

Well, its been such a long time since I last blogged, getting busier, semester is going to end, 3rd year is indeed tough. Lots of things around here passed and also happened, I can’t write it out all at once, just put the important parts in then. I’ve been kinda lucky these week, really lucky indeed.
Here’s how the lucky part started, I went back to Ipoh on Friday, I had to skip and miss Neo’s Graduation. Really sorry pal. I owe you one. Went back to complete my survey for Consumer Behavior. More and better results there, as there are some other personal things that I need to settle. As usual, I go to RPS for Taekwondo on Saturday morning, got a bag from mui, she told me not to open it until I got home. So I just put it in the trunk. After class ended, they had an AGM to choose the new boards for next year. I stayed back as well to enjoy the show
After that, I sent Nikki back to take her bath, took her out as well and meet up G and S. Picked them up and headed straight to Jusco, thought of watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix again…. too bad, no more tickets. All SOLD OUT. So we went and have our lunch at Pizza Hut.
Here’s a pic of me and Nikki. Cute gal huh…. ?

After that, I got a call from mum, so I went back after that. I found out what was in the package mui gave me was a MP4 player, I read the letter she wrote to me, I told her, I just planned to get one last time, but I wasn’t desperately wanting it. Why wasting money? She said thats what she could give me before she leaves to Singapore to further her studies next year. Well, I accepted it of course. Thanks mui

Got back to KL on Sunday, Audrey (my housemate) told me she’s not coming back on the night, couldn’t pass me the Harry Potter book 7 as her sister Alicia ordered it for me. Well, since I’m busy on my Consumer Behavior presentation stuffs, I said its okay. This morning, when I woke up, got a message from Audrey’s eldest sister, asking me about the book, how was it? I told her I have not gotten it yet from Audrey. Later when Audrey passed me the bag, and I asked her how much it cost? She said her sis, Alicia give it to me as a gift.
I was so happy, shocked, grateful, touched. . . I can’t write what I’m feeling now. My heart screamed with joy.
Pre-order from Times, got the book, nice (last book from JK for Harry Potter) and I got a Free Bag instead of the Free cup G got. Hohoho… yey….
thanks everyone~
I appreciate what ever things that I got. Thanks for all of that. I love you guys.

sorry for the bad title. I’ve have to admit I have a High Fever after so many surprises. Would you feel the same?
well, looking forward of reading it. THE END :: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Today I was so busy with my Consumer Behavior and Advertising Campaign scamps, I wanted to get my hands on the book. Can’t resist it, wrapped it in 5 minutes, and started reading it.
Wuakakaka….. so far, just read 3 chapters….
and at the meantime, I was watching my teammates presenting,
and I somehow took a picture of myself, I didn’t wear a formal wear for quite a long time for presentation. Hehe…. and it looks nice now, since I’ve dropped down a little.
Thanks again everyone…

Take care, regards, from sam


2 thoughts on “I’ve got a HIGH FEVER

  1. Neo here……
    Is ok lah u didnt attend my convo……
    As long as i know u got the heart is enough alr…..
    so hope that u enjoy a nice weekend ya…
    TAKE CARE OH!!!!!

  2. I am glad that you’re not angry of me. But thanks, last weekend was really good. Went training with you again. The feeling all comes back, just that we did not take photos.

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