busy weeks~

After rushing back and forth KL and Ipoh for several times, fixing my lost Identity Card, License, all my other cards, I am at the same time busy le…. not even have time to blog. Lots of stuff happened within these few week, went to the Islamic Museum and also the KL Museum on Wednesday. Not for fun, how would Malaysian go for fun? Haha… that’s Malaysian decease. Well, its to gain information and knowledge, as I am going to have a theory exam on some of the stuff that I see in the Islamic Museum next week for my South East Asia subject. Weird huh?
Well, the stuffs are kind of nice, I’ve been there once with school Bookshop members in 2003 when it was first opened. I didn’t know the name, but nvm, this was my 2nd visit, the stuff inside was not as much as the time I visited 4 years ago. Went with my classmates, all the majors went. Can say this was something like a School Visit. Haha… I guess around 200 people went, but different ways going, and also different time. We met some of them while halfway in there. After finishing that place, Miss Ahmad Chin drove us (Audrey, Jenn Jenn & me) to dunno where, a place near her church for lunch. Had a full full lunch and proceed to the KL museum. Haha… nice place, but I guess, it should have been more interesting, too few stuff for me to see. I didn’t felt satisfied. Well, I need to go to the KL museum as well also for an assignment. Hahaha… for Kins Lee’s class, Advertising Campaign. Well, took some pictures, and left. Haha…
Not forgotten, I always put in pics:

1                           2                            3

1.I was the first person when I went to make my I.C.
2.Look properly, there’s 2 car parking in one space
3.How ugly this book is, I wonder who will buy it?

4                                5                       6

4.Sifu Marcus demo-ing how to use Correal painter
5.Mini Quran, around 50 cent size. Super small eh at the Islamic Museum
6.When I see this, I’m hungry. Looks like Pao.


Ahmad Chin, Jenn & O

O and Jenn

ha! switched places with O

This is my train

See You Next Time~

wayang kulit

look at the back :p

Nice museum eh….                           Jenn having fun pushing CC, but CC looks scared?

Its so HOT !!!                                 3 cute glas sitting under the rock :p

erm….                                             heading to the museum

blasting off

its me with that guy, and there’s another guy behind me. Can you see that guy?

argh… suffering in PAIN!!!

Miss Ahmad Chin posing with that erm… guy

Want some milk?

Well, more posts to come
CHEERS everyone,


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