A Day with my Best friend .+~ NEO ~+.

Well, I was suffering like hell, torturing myself not to sleep, just to finish up Leon’s work and show him more, since he wanted so, and last week he’d canceled the class. Hoping to show him more and of course, he would do the same, hoping to see more. Only grabbed 2 hours of sleep and woke up again at 9.am. Copied the files into a thumb drive and prepared everything for class. Put my stuff in the class and rushed to William’s. After printing out all the work, I rushed back to class only to find out my tutor “Helena” was writing something on the board. And F*** that. Leon had the class CANCELED AGAIN! Damn, I wasted so much of effort and hope on this week’s work and he did this again. And next week is exploration week, he place replacement class for us, ok. I’m not attending it, I’m back to Ipoh as planned. How am I suppose to come back just for his bloody class at the middle of that week. Ok. Skip that, and another class on Monday. 10 to 3pm, I need to leave early for Kin’s class at 2pm. Ok, don’t wanna talk about it. Probably he have his personal problems “Quote Quote”
I was so angry and tired, but I did not feel well, wanted to express my feelings so I called Neo and dated her out, so we met at The Curve. Watched 2 movies at Cineplex. Well, so we queued up and bought tickets for Surf Up which was at 2.10pm and also Hooked On You at 5.10pm. Well, both movie is nice, the seats in Cineplex is much more comfortable, and the seats are not too close to the screen. Really preferred this kind of cinema’s, not too crowded.
Between that 2 movies, we had a break of 1 hour, went to Tesco and grabbed 6 packets of Coffee for mum and had Ice-cream at Make It REAL. Hehe… after the movie, we headed to TGI Fridays, as Neo say she hasn’t tasted the food there, so did I. Well, we didn’t know the food there was so enormous, we failed to finish it. Well, really had a great time, after dinner, Neo and I walked around for a bit and sent me back. Well, thats for today.
Thanks for accompanying me and bad bad me spent RM60 on today’s trip to Curve. Well, you might think its a small number, but to me, to spend so much at once is consider a lot. Anyway,…. here are the photos :

A DIGI ad that I saw at the entrance of the Cineplex.

Inside the Cineplex, lucky I didn’t get caught for taking pictures 🙂

Having Ice cream with Lee Hom. :p No lar… It’s NEO. Thanks for spending it.

Yum Yum~ Choc Mint. The name of it is “After 8”

Neo posing her Lan Si Face

Fish N Chips                                     Neo’s LamE Chop

Some photos I took without her Nocite. More Natural leh….

Neo posing her cute, ugly but Adorable face. Muahahahha

Neo sipping to her drink

Neo enjoying her chop chop

Neo’s drink, chocolate + milk + alchohol ? = weird drink.

Delicious Ice-cream desert. But we couldn’t finish it
Anyway, thanks again Neo, for spending your day with me, it’s been a long time since we hang out like this,
Take care and see you around~



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